Rossendale to host major new Games Festival?

Game makers in the North of England are trying to drum up interest in a new gaming festival in Rossendale, offering an event that will feature appearances by artists and writers alongside animators, developers, games companies and others
It’s hoped the Halo Festival of Games and Animation will not only provide a platform for game makers in the UK but will also help give the local towns of Haslingden and Rawtenstall in Rossendale a revenue-boosting jolt in the arm when the crowds turn up for the event.

The planned location seems a good one: the local high school is a specialist Arts and Computing college and nearby towns run game design courses and the University of Cenral Lancashire (UCLAN) runs extremely successful Games Design and Development courses.

A recent feature added to the area is Halo: a panopticon sculpture that sits on a hill and can be seen from miles around. It’s meant to be a symbol of regeneration for the area but has proven to be more of a whipping boy for disaffected residents who resent all the money spent on it… no matter where the money came from. 

Those trying to organise the game event argue it’s a perfect backdrop for the event and could reintroduce Halo as a positive symbol again.

So, what would happen at the Festival?

  • Local and international games companies will introduce their latest releases.
  • Game designers will host workshops and discussion groups.
  • Video Games Voice actors will showcase their craft.
  • Illustrators and Animators will demonstrate drawing techniques.
  • Writers will give storyline/scripting lessons.
  • Business savvy Games companies will tell you how to raise funds and gain grants.
  • And Marketing people will show you how to sell them.
  • Cosplay Live Action Role players will perform beneath The Halo.
  • Games buy and swap market.

There are people in place for every aspect of what’s described above, including a writer who has worked for DC and Marvel Comics, a cartoonist from Warner Bros who has worked on Daffy Duck, a voice Actor from Dragon Age, support from and and managers from a number of the world’s leading developers and publishers and much much more.

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