Royal Mail Launches Alice In Wonderland Stamps

Alice in Wonderland Stamps - 2015



The Royal Mail has just launched its Alice In Wonderland Stamps, the work of artist Grahame Baker-Smith, to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the publication of Lewis Carroll’s Classic Tale – and, for the first time ever the company has collaborated with a children’s book publisher, Walker Books, to create a book based on the stamp artwork.


Alice in Wonderland Stamps - 2015 - Pop Up Book


The original Alice in Wonderland story was written by Reverend Charles Lutwidge Dodgson under the pseudonym, Lewis Carroll. 2015 is the 150th Anniversary of the publication of the story, one of the world’s most popular books.

Mostly self-taught, Grahame Baker-Smith, who has illustrated ten key scenes from the book, used a spell of unemployment in the 1970s to develop his interest in painting and drawing. Working alone, he decided that he should concentrate on becoming an artist. Dreaming of that has made it so, and he now writes and creates books as well as illustrating classics such as Pinocchio and Robin Hood.

He also illustrated Robert Plant’s Mighty Rearranger album and Nine Lives boxed set. In 2011, his picture book FArTHER, published by Templar, won the UK’s Kate Greenaway award for book illustration. His latest picture book for Templar, written by Angela McAllister, is Winter’s Child….and for the first time collaborates with children’s publisher to launch a pop-up book based on the stamps.

Royal Mail’s Special Stamp programme has commemorated and celebrated events and anniversaries pertinent to UK heritage and life for 50 years. Today, there are an estimated 2.5 million stamp collectors and gifters in the UK and millions worldwide. Her Majesty the Queen approves all UK stamp designs before they are printed.

• The Alice in Wonderland stamps are on sale now and available at, by phone on 03457 641 641 and in 8000 Post Offices across the UK.

•  As we previously reported, there are many connections between ‘Alice’ and author, Lewis Carroll, and the North East of England. To celebrate Alice’s Birthday the good people of Sunderland and South Tyneside are arranging a series of exciting events. Some are already announced and the Alice is 150 organisation will be announcing others as they go through the year. Events include the one day comics event, Wonderlands, at Sunderland University on 30th May, more info here

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