Royal Wedding plans changed in secret, venue moves to Beanotown — and chaos ensues!

Beano 3935 - CoverAhead of the much-anticipated wedding of HRH Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, this week’s issue of Beano comic pays homage to the Royal couple in a satire strip – and Royalists heading to Windsor this weekend will be disappointed to learn the nuptials have already taken place – in Beanotown!

Well, almost.

The comic reveals that the Royals have secretly been married in Beanotown since 1066, amid The Queen’s fears of a French invasion – however their plans are foiled by Dennis and Gnasher.

Beano 3935 - Royal Wedding Rumble 1

Bagging an invitation to the nuptials along with The Bash Street Kids, disaster strikes as Gnasher eats the wedding cake. Dennis attempts to save the day by replacing the cake but he trips and it ends up covering Meghan, resulting in a telling off by his parents for potentially starting a war with America, however, Meghan retaliates by starting a food fight to rival all others.

Beano 3935 - Royal Wedding Rumble 2


Beano 3935 - Royal Wedding Rumble 3

Amongst jokes, brought to Beano readers by writer Nigel Auchterlounie and artist Nigel Parkinson, about Prince Charles arriving at the wrong church and The Queen wanting to return her Primark dress, beloved rebellious character Minnie the Minx sets upon her mischievous ways by convincing the happy couple she’s their daughter from the future, which the couple later discover is a prank – much to their relief!

Mike Stirling, Editorial Director at Beano Studios said: “Our invitation – from fan club member, Harry – must have been eaten by Gnasher! So, we decided to immortalise the couple’s forthcoming nuptials in Beano instead.

“We’re sure the Royal Family appreciates the honour of us celebrating their entertaining mannerisms. We hope the Royal couple enjoy their big day and that The Queen doesn’t throw us in the Tower for our ‘unique’ wedding gift!”

To celebrate the special occasion this weekend, Beano Studios will be hosting a range of entertaining Royal Wedding content on

• “The Royal Beano Rumble” comic strip can be seen in this week’s Beano and is available to buy in all good newsagents, some run by disgruntled Republicans and all good supermarkets from today. Find out more about “The Royal Beano Rumble” on here | Follow Beano on Twitter @BeanoOfficial

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