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(Report originally posted by Richard Sheaf) Two of Carlton’s Commando collections currently available have now been produced in alternative covers by Ian Kennedy. Fetaured here are the two Anzacs at War and the True Brit covers…

Rumble in the JungleThere’s also a new title from Carlton in the offing next Summer entitled Rumble in the Jungle and described as featuring the 12 best jungle fighting episodes of Commando ever.

“Stories set in the jungles of Malay and Burma are, like all other Commando comics, packed with action and adventure,” Carlton announces via “But there is something about these plots that really get the writers in top gear and they pull out all the stops. Who couldn’t get enthusiastic about ambushes, impenetrable undergrowth, mysterious caves, deep river gorges flooded by monsoons, samurai swords, slithering snakes, fiendish fevers, strange cries in the night, menacing idols, dangerous insects and animals added to the usual threats from bullets and bombs?

Featuring such stories as “Jungle Madness”, “Grudge Fight”, “The Black Pagoda”, “Halt – or Die!”, “Danger Everywhere!” and “Jungle Sniper”, this carefully selected anthology will transport you into a world of sweat, swamps…where our ever invincible allied heroes battle bravely and honourably to victory.”

We’ve edited out the blatant racism from the book description, and we suspect Amazon or Carlton will too once they have a better look at it…

Rumble in the Jungle on (May 2008 release)

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