Running Wild on BBC2

Comics artist Lee Sullivan, perhaps best known for his work on Doctor Who, Robocop and Transformers UK, has a secret he’s about to share with the nation.

“I’m in a Roxy Music and Bryan Ferry tribute band called Roxy Magic,” Lee reveals, “and in a bid for obscurity, we’ve managed to get ourselves onto the TV quiz show Eggheads which will be broadcast this Wednesday 24th October at 6.00pm on BBC2.

Sadly, we’re not playing, but at least you’ll get a chance to see what fine intellectuals the band are!”

Created by 12 Yards and hosted by Dermot Monaghan, in Eggheads five amateur quizzers take on five quiz professionals — including Who Wants to be a Millionaire winner Judith Keppel, former Brain of Britain Chris Hughes, and World Quiz Champion Kevin Ashman — in a big money quiz.

The record win is £75,000, won by a team of five Oxford Brookes University students called “Beer Today, Gone Tomorrow”.

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