Sci-Fi Artist Spotlight: Andrew Skilleter

Andrew Skilleter is an artist who doesn’t feature in Sci-Fi Art Now but I’m hoping that if there is a follow up volume he might be in that. I first worked with him back on Doctor Who Magazine in the late 1980s and I admire his work; he’s a dab hand at both original and licensed art commissions, particularly Doctor Who (for which he’s best known) – and some of his Dan Dare pieces, inspired by the Eagle comic character, are tremendous fun.

Anyway, after much planning and labour and little help from his friends, his new website is now live, including extensive galleries, bigger and better images, a blog and shop with online secure checkout if you want to buy any of his prints, such as his Narnia range.

As well as Doctor Who, Andrew has worked in numerous genres and you’ll find a kaleidoscope of multi-genre images on this new site.

• Check it out at:

Categories: Doctor Who, Television


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