Sci-Fi shapes modern design, inspired by TRON

Image oourtesy of DuPont

How cool is this as an example of Sci-Fi design shaping the world of around us? The new TRON movie is to be the inspiration for an exhibition illustrating how creativity and innovation meet design at this year’s Milan Design Week (11-17th April 2011), considered the most important venue for interior design professionals around the world.

DuPont Corian and Disney will showcase TRON designs CORIAN, an exhibition inspired by TRON: Legacy released last year.

The exhibition organisers say the overall effect and expression of TRON: Legacy has inspired many artists and designers across fashion, music, design and technology. From the original Daft Punk soundtrack, to exclusive apparel and designer jewellery, to the videogame Tron: Evolution, just like the ground-breaking original movie released in 1982, the world of TRON has become a lifestyle phenomenon.

The exhibition is an original project which will be art directed by DuPont and Disney and created using DuPont Corian advanced surface. (DuPont says that if you can imagine it, you can probably create it with Corian; available in over 100 colours, it can be carved, routed or worked like wood, moulded, thermoformed or inlayed… the design options are almost limitless).

A series of leading and trendy companies, architects and designers will also create fascinating interior design solutions and architectural forms as part of the exhibition, taking inspiration from the film and exploiting the versatility of DuPont Corian.

“Disney fosters imagination and DuPont shapes materials,” says says Tim McCann, president of DuPont Building Innovations. “We are extremely pleased to be working with a partner as creative and innovative as The Walt Disney Company and develop together with them an exhibition for an important venue like the Milan week of design.

TRON: Legacy has been a wonderful source of inspiration: combined with the expertise of Disney and DuPont Corian and the collaboration of imaginative architects, designers and companies, it will materialise into a unique, original and fresh exhibition that will surprise the demanding global audience of visitors to the Milan week of design.”

Founded in 1800, DuPont, again considered one of the United States 100 Best Corporate Citizens this year, has long been involved in film and film making (as far back as 1924!) as well as developments in science and technology, as this archive advertisement featuring the lunar Apollo mission of the 1970s illustrates (20 of the 21 layers of the Apollo moon suits either contained or were made entirely of science-based innovations developed by DuPont).

Image oourtesy of DuPont

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