SHIFT, new 100-page British anthology comic, launches in October

GetMyComics – publishers of Simon Furman and Geoff Senior’s To the Death, as well as being comic distributors – have begun ramping up for the October launch of SHIFT, their comics anthology.

Shift Anthology Teaser

We’ve been treated to a sneak peek, but are sworn to secrecy as to contents… but I don’t think we’re breaking any confidences by suggesting the title has the feel of a modern and distinctive take on Marvel’s EPIC magazine.

Shared publicly so far by editor and publisher Adrian Clarke are two strips in the line up for the opening issues: “Shifter” from Brian Haberlin (Sonata, Witchblade), Skip Brittenham, Brian Holguin (Spawn, Aria), Geirrod Van Dyke and Kunrong Yap; and “Kora” by Chris Geary of Aces Weekly fame.

“Shifter” from Brian Haberlin (Sonata, Witchblade), Skip Brittenham, Brian Holguin

Shifter” is a sci-fi murder mystery with a unique perspective, a pulse-pounding thriller that explores the depths of humanity’s evil and the tremendous powers of the animal kingdom. With an intriguing storyline and gorgeous art, the strip is supported by a companion Augmented Reality app – watch characters and creatures literally jump off the page when you point your device at the pages!

“Shifter” posits the question… What if you could soar with the birds – not in a man-made contraption or by using virtual reality, but as an actual bird? What if you could literally be a fly on the wall in a top-secret meeting? What if you could become any animal in the world or, better yet, anybody in the world? What if you could become any creature that has ever existed (and some you never believed could exist)?

Kora by Chris Geary

Kora” features stunning art and an epic, intriguing story-line by Chris Geary, a newly enhanced and reformatted version of the story originally published in Aces Weekly, featuring a substantial amount of new pages.

After crashing on an unknown planet, all Kora wants is to get back home. Sometimes life doesn’t go according to plan…

Shift will be out in October from GetMyComics, a 100-page comic magazine, offering six ongoing storylines, articles and the occasional self contained strip.

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