Silent Killer: 32 Kills by Mike Garley, Andy Clift, out now from Comichaus

32 Kills by Mike Garley and Andy Clift

Cover art by Darick Robertson

32 Kills , a new project by Mike Garley and Andy Clift, published by Comichaus is getting its launch at Thought Bubble this weekend, and is available on the publisher’s digital comics platform, available to read now on the Comichaus app.

Co-created by Emmy-nominated writer Mike Garley and Captain Cosmic artist Andy Clift, it’s lettered by Mike Stock, with colour and grey washes by Nathan Ashworth and cover art by the legendary Darick Robertson.

32 Kills – which has already earned a lot of praise even pre-launch – is a character-driven, high-octane, noir tale of manipulation, loyalty and revenge… Hardly a word spoken in 30 Pages. 233 panels. And 32 Kills…

32 Kills by Mike Garley and Andy Clift

“It’s a unique comic,” Mike says. “We stick pretty rigidly to a 16-panel grid, which means that we have to work really hard to control the pacing of the story, and due to its lack of dialogue we had to play with different ways to control the story’s narrative.

“On the surface it’s a straightforward tale of revenge, but we’ve made sure that there’s more to the story. For those that don’t get it the first time (which we’re hoping is most as we try really hard to wrap the reader’s attention with the momentum of the story), the motivation (or at least some of it) can be discovered by re-reading and re-evaluating  what information we do actually tell. 

32 Kills by Mike Garley and Andy Clift

The book has already gotten strong reviews

“I felt that I’ve learnt a lot working on the comic,” Mike whose credits also include Adventure Time and self-published projects such as Kill Screen and Samurai Slasher, reveals. “I know it may read as if it was hardly written at all, but it was definitely one of the most challenging things I’ve worked on. And massive props have to go to Andy whose storytelling in this comic is absolutely incredible.

“I honestly don’t think people realise how much talent and skill goes into telling a story in such minute details and Andy manages to pack every panel with action and emotion.”

Mike is also enthusiastic about publisher Comichaus.

“Andy and me were really keen to work with Comichaus, after seeing not only their positive and passionate approach to comics, but also the strength of the content they were putting out,” he says. “They seem to be going in a really exciting direction, and we’re really delighted to be involved with that.

“We’ve really enjoyed working on this book with them, and we’re honoured that they suggested the legendary Darick Robertson (Transmetropolitan, The Boys, Happy) as the cover artist. We’re both big fans of his work and felt that his style really fits with the vibe of the book.”

• Pick up a print copy of 32 Kills at Thought Bubble or MCM Scotland, as well as on the marketplace

• Mike has also uploaded some of his other great titles to Comichaus, including  Samurai Slasher and the trade of Eponymous

Find Mike Garley on Patreon | Web: | Follow Mike Garley on Twitter @mikegarley

• Andy Clift is online at | Find Andy Clift on Twitter @andyWclift

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