Small Press Creators: Badham wants to hear from you!

Matthew Badham - Photo by disraeli

Matthew Badham, a contributor to downthetubes, perhaps best known as a feature writer for Judge Dredd: The Megazine (and other outlets), is writing a 4000 word piece about the British indie/small press comics scene – and wants views from small press creators for the article.

“I’m going to be using my contacts book to gather primary research material in the form of quotes from indie comics creators,” says Matthew. “However, any indie/small press comics types who want to be proactive and get in touch with me via mattbadham(at) to chat about the scene are more than welcome to do so.

“I can’t promise that I’ll have space to mention every comic creator I speak to, but I will try and mention as many as I can (and hopefully get them some publicity).’

• Contact Matt via mattbadham(at) (tell him we sent you!)

• Photo by Matt Brooker (disraeli)

Categories: British Comics


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