Sneak Peek: Aces Week Volume 36… Are You Ready for Wikkaman?

Aces Weekly 36 - WikkamanThe latest volume of digital anthology Aces Weekly published by David Lloyd is coming and not only includes new strips by Bo Hampton, David Leach and many more, but Rik Hoskin and Nick Taylor‘s tale “Wikkaman” comes with added musical accompaniment!

Earlier this year, Rik won the Dragon Award for the New York Times bestselling graphic novel, White Sand. However, his latest project is much closer to home.

Wikkaman are an acoustic band who have been doing the pub and folk festival circuit around Dorset for the last few years,” he tells downthetubes. “The idea of doing a comic strip about them began when I saw them perform at the Music on the Quay event in Christchurch last year.

Inspirational: Wikkaman, the band

Inspirational: Wikkaman, the band

“My wife had just joined the band playing whistles and recorders, and their combination of clever lyrics, a charismatic lead singer and a jumbled, almost-steampunk look cried out to be turned into a story.

“I wrote a four panel comic, which my longtime artistic collaborator Nick Taylor illustrated, intended to be used by the band as a promotional poster or flyer.

“The band loved it, but those four images nagged at me to be turned into a full-blown story. So I approached David Lloyd – comic book royalty, the man behind the V for Vendetta design -about showcasing a full Wikkaman story in Aces Weekly, and he welcomed us aboard.”

Wikkaman by Rik Hoskin and Nick Taylor

Told in full colour, three-page instalments, the Wikkaman comic strip has the vibe of an old Hanna-Barbera cartoon, with humour mixed with folklore and legend.

The band have also recorded two songs that will be released online at the same time, adding an extra dimension to the story.

There’s plenty of other great strips in Aces Weekly Volume 36, too – find out how to subscribe below these teaser samples from both the upcoming volume and Volume 35…© 2018 Bo Hampton from "The Hornbook" in Aces Weekly Volume 36 from 15th October

© 2018 Bo Hampton from “The Hornbook” in Aces Weekly Volume 36 from 15th October

"Hyena Man" by Daniele Presicce and Marco Natoli

“Hyena Man” by Daniele Presicce and Marco Natoli

"Outrun" by Matteo Filippi and Marco Morale

“Outrun” by Matteo Filippi and Marco Morale

Psycho Gran by David Leach

Psycho Gran by David Leach

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Wikkaman by Rik Hoskin and Nick Taylor

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