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Propeller Issue 2 - Cover


Propeller – Issue 2: The Cop Who Knew Too Much”
Written by Ricardo Mo
Art by Alberto Muriel
Lettered by HdE
Logo and Cover Variant by Rodolfo Reyes
Published by Instant Astronaut Publishing
Available from Wednesday 1st April 2015 from Comixology

The Story: After foiling a robbery in Issue One, our super powered ‘hero’ finds that a bag of cash begins to complicate his life. His blackmailer is beginning to get impatient and a mac wearing cop is starting to uncover the truth. Things are getting too darn complicated… why couldn’t getting a free bag of cash be alot easier than this?

This is the second of a four issue proposed series.


The Propeller Issue 2 - Sample Art


The Preview: This book continues the excellent storytelling and art that we saw in Issue One. It is a great noir story that adds to the mix a little bit of Heroes style real-world super-powers. It posits what would really happen if you were faced with a bag of cash and had the powers to at least try and get away with it. Ricardo mixes it up with traditional crime novel blackmailers and curious cops but he does it with a sense of the drama needed – but also some great humour.

Alberto adds some excellent detailed art for this issue and you can really see the time spent in the black and white on the page. The drama and cool play out perfectly in the faces of the characters. It’s a fun read and I can’t wait to see where it goes in Issue Three.

This is the sort of story that would really have worked in the Vertigo Comics Crime series from a couple of years ago. The wrtiting and the art have a real sense of mood and style that successfully puts a foot in both the Heist/Crime novel and the modern super-powers story.


You can grab a copy of the book on Wednesday from this Comixology link

• Ricardo is a UK based creator and you can find more out about him and this story at, or follow him on Twitter @RicardoMoTron

• You can find more great art by Alberto Muriel at or on Twitter @Almuriel

• You can find HdE on Twitter @E2009Hd

Many thanks for reading.

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