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Next Wednesday. 19th November, sees the release of the final, never-before-published volume of the epic saga, The First Kingdom by Jack Katz from Titan Comics – and we have some preview pages for you.

Yes – over forty years in the telling, Jack Katz’s six-volume science fiction epic reaches its phenomenal conclusion with Destiny, in which, a universe away from starships and interstellar deities, a single man searches desperately for the answers to life’s impossible questions. But while his pursuit may reveal the very mysteries of existence, will it also cost him his humanity?

Regarded by many as the first ever graphic novel, creator Jack Katz – who has revealed that, even now, at 87, he’s working on a sequel – claims that he basically made the galaxy-spanning magnum opus that is First Kingdom up as he went along. Well, seemingly so.

In actuality, over on the project’s official web site we’re told he had the whole thing played out in his mind by the time he was 12 years old, but that he didn’t have the right avenue of expression for it until he was nearly 45 years old. Even then, he had to invent the medium of the graphic novel to find that avenue. He asked his peers and mentors, including Alex Raymond and Hal Foster if they thought such a thing was possible and when they didn’t have an answer, he just went ahead and did it anyways.

When Jack began this project back in the 1970s he was something of a pioneer, creating what became a 768 page graphic novel with complex character development involving humans, gods, robots, all sorts of little sprites and just about anything else that came into his head.

While The First Kingdom originally ran for 24 issues, published by Comics and Comix (those stories already collected by Titan), Destiny is being published exclusively for the first time by Titan Comics.

So hold onto your hats. It’s time to discover the true origin of The First Kingdom in this incredible concluding chapter, decades in the making…

As an artist, Jack has spent his whole life dedicated to drawing, writing and getting his thoughts out to the universe. His working life as an artist has spanned a number of waves of comic book development and his paintings reach down into the present from their original roots back in the early years of 20th century American illustration and art.

Aside from The First Kingdom, his other drawing and painting, Jack has written extensively through the years on his ideas exploring the place humans have taken in the universe and the directions in which they may or may not take in the future.

Today he teaches anatomy for figurative art students and continues to work on his comic book projects.

COVER BY: Jack Katz
PUBLISHER: Titan Comics
PRICE: $19.99/$22.95 CAN/£14.99 UK
RELEASE DATE: Wednesday, November 19, 2014

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All six volumes of The First Kingdom are available from Forbidden Planet

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