Sneak Preview: Brethren Born #2


Brethren Born #2 - Page 7Written by Jon Laight
Pencils by Phil Knibs
Inks by Luca Cicchitti
Colours by Santiago Ramos
Letters by Rob Jones
Published by Level 8 Comics in full colour.

The Story: Brethren Born is a sci-fi superhero adventure following the mysterious Newton and his brutal mission of vengeance. Issue #1 was set over three action-packed timelines and has set the scene for Issue#2 where we are introduced to characters such as Mr Fresco (he likes the outdoors), Crimelord Chang (evil in a lab coat) and Officer Trenton (good cop/bad cop??) in an opening scene of dastardly doings and deeds.

Newton also gets to show us some of his awesomely jaw dropping abilities for the first time…just a taster of the things to come. You also get to see a lot more of the 1963 timeline, giving a little more of the origin story as a much younger Dr. Bradshaw tries to take control of a world-changing event, hampered by a familiar figure from Issue #1.’


Brethren Born #2 - Page 4The Preview – Jon Laight is the brainbox behind this exciting new ongoing comic series from Level 8 Comics. After putting together another successful Kickstarter campaign he is almost ready to release the second issue of Brethren Born onto the world.

Downthetubes got to review the first issue here and I am happy to say that this second installment is another great tale that could easily be described as what would happen if the movie Scanners and Chris Claremont’s X-Men comics run bumped uglies. This would be the action packed conspiracy story they would spawn.

Jon was kind enough to share with us some of the glorious artwork for the second issue that even manages to improve on the great stuff we saw in issue #1. Each page has some amazing detail and the flow of action exhibits some excellent storytelling abilities by all involved.


Brethren Born #2 - Page 8This is a book full of vengeance and violence, but has an intelligently told narrative full of twists and turns. It builds issue upon issue and makes use of some great character designs (Mr Fresco being a personal favourite). However it is not for the faint of heart and has a couple of brilliantly realised gorey game changing moments.

Seriously, you need to get on this comic series. Each issue has been a blast and if what I have seen so far of issue #2 is anything to go by this is going to blow your hoodie right off!

Brethren Born issue #2 is going to be released at the MCM London event in May and find out more here. Pop along and get a signed copy!

Jon is also part of the newly formed ‘Close to Immortality’ comics collective that launched at the recent London Super Comic Con in February. Have a read about their exploits here.

You can find more about this series and the others that are coming soon from Level 8 Comics at their website. or follow them on Twitter @level8comics – and follow Jon on Kickstarter here.

If you want to see how a successful Kickstarter is run then I recommend having a look at the campaigns for the first two issues in this arc

Many thanks for reading.


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