Sneak Preview – The Red Mask From Mars – Issue 2

The Red Mask From Mars - Issue 2

Written, Drawn and Lettered by Vince Hunt
Colours by Shaun Dobie
Published by Raw Edge Comics
Full Colour – 28 pages

“Good vs Evil. Mystery. Loss. Sacrifice. Punches. Fluffy bunnies. The Red Mask From Mars issue 2 has it all!

When an expedition to investigate a meteor crash site takes a surprising turn, everyones’ favourite hero with an alien strapped on his face Doug Stewart and his team find themselves facing a group of huge alien snake-like shark beasts on a rampage. If that’s not bad enough, there’s a giant alien egg that starts causing its own brand of chaos. Only one thing is certain…. things are gonna get ugly!”


The Red Mask From Mars - Issue 2 - Sample Page

The Story: Earth is protected by a human who has an alien life form grafted to his face. As part of a secret military organisation he’s there to fight against threats from Earth and beyond. Issue One saw the mysterious landing of a huge egg in the English countryside, which spawned an army of spiky nightmarish of a creatures. Part shark, part Godzilla, part rhino these monsters go beserk and our heroes fight to contain them.  Coupled with that crisis, a new and shadowy character called ‘The Wulf’ appears who is full of tortury malevolence…

The Preview: If ever there was an issue that just exploded up and out of the pages this is the one. The Red Mask From Mars is a cool combination of a UK based B.P.R.D. styled team with Savage Dragon level kick arse action and a huge dose of humour.  This comic is at full throttle throughout and as with the first issue, ends with a really great cliff-hanger on the last page. In my humble opinion this issue is a brightly coloured, quipping masterpiece.

The art has a cartoon on steriods quality to it and Vince Hunt deals with all the action superbly. The comic moments have excellently paced timing and the whole book is coloured brilliantly by Shaun Dobie.

Vince seems to have grown in confidence since the last issue and the frenetic forward motion of these characters and situations is paced to perfection throughout.  The dialogue has a snap to it’s delivery and he seems to know exactly where and when to pause for comedic, creepy and dramatic effect.

This should be made into a cartoon straightaway! Right now! Toot suite! Get onnit!!!

Vince Hunt is the master of all that he surveys and I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.

Yup, I liked it.



The Red Mask From Mars - Issue 2 - Sample Page


• This book is due to launch at the Birmingham Comics Festival on Saturday the 18th April 2015. Raw Edge Comics have a table there so search them out for a physical (and signed) copy:

• You can get yourself a copy at or speak to Vince on Twitter @jesterdiablo or at his blog

• You can find Shaun Dobie on Twitter @Dobes2 and at

Many thanks for reading.


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