Sneek Peek: New Dan Dare for Spaceship Away

We’re pleased to report that the next issue of the Dan Dare-inspired comics magazine Spaceship Away is on course to go to press very soon, featuring its regular thrice-yearly mix of comic strip and features.

Now edited by Des Shaw, taking over from the title’s founder Rod Barzilay, I’m also delighted to report that the new issue includes the first part of a two-part Dan Dare story written by me, John Freeman, and drawn by Ex Astris artist Bill Storie (aka Mike Nicoll), with lettering from Jim Campbell.

I feel very privileged to have been given the chance to write a Dan Dare tale for an officially licensed magazine, given the importance of both the character and Eagle in the history of British comics. I hope fans will enjoy the story – set on the Moon and featuring some very bizarre aliens designed by Mike.

Here’s a sneek peek of the first page of the story, “Pre-Emptive Strike”, starting in Issue 23, on sale in April 2011.

The Spaceship Away team have reluctantly had to raise the price of the basic issue of an issue including UK postage to £7.50, but the EU and overseas prices are remaining the same, as they were increased last year. The multi-issue offer when it comes to subscriptions continues:  UK residents can order three issues for £20.00, EU and Overseas surface mail customers £24.00, EU airmail customers for £27.00 and overseas airmail customers for £30.00, including future issues, up to Issue 25.

• To order the magazine visit the official web site:

Dan Dare: Pre-Emptive Strike Page 1

Dan Dare © 2011 Dan Dare Corporation

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