Solar Wind lives on

(with thanks to Paul Scott): The legend that was UK indie title Solar Wind (now buried in a shallow grave on the equally unmissable lives on.

Warlock Holmes, the photo-comic detective wizard extrordinaire featured in the award-winning title has a new comic out, in full colour featuring the Solar Wind stories plus a super length new story.

The Casebook of Warlock Holmes, available via the omnivistascope web site, contains three of Warlock Holmes’ finest cases: The Curious Case of the Black Bog Beast, The Jam Smuggler’s of Rumaica and A Christmas Case for Warlock Holmes.

Warlock Holmes first appeared in Solar Wind issues #7 and #8, and while the first two stories are reprinted here, an all-new 11 page story is included. The first two stories have been re-edited to fit the new format, but have no fear, we’re told no new jokes have been included.

Griefbringer by Ben Clark, another Solar Wind contributor, also has his own comic book. Visit for more info.

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