Sonic the Hedgehog heads Netflix in “Sonic Prime” – in 2022

Sonic Prime heads to Netflix

Sonic Prime, a new animated series of Sonic the Hedgehog, has been announced, launching worldwide in 2022, with a 24-episode animated adventure from partners Netflix, SEGA of America, and WildBrain.

Aimed at kids, families, and long-time fans of the franchise, Sonic Prime will draw upon the keystones of the brand as it follows Sonic on a new adventure in both a race to save the universe “and find redemption”.

The series will be animated at WildBrain’s Vancouver studio, and SEGA and WildBrain will jointly participate across production, distribution and licensing.

Man of Action Entertainment, creators of Ben 10 and the characters and team in the Academy Award-winning feature Big Hero 6, have been brought on as showrunners and executive producers for the series.

“Sonic is a beloved character and holds a special place in everyone’s heart including my own,” says Dominique Bazay, director of original animation, Netflix. “I spent many hours with the blue blur as a kid and it’s a privilege to be able to bring this character everyone knows and loves on a brand new adventure with Netflix – one that a generation of loyal fans and brand new fans around the world can enjoy.”

Ivo Gerscovich, chief brand officer at SEGA, added: “Sonic the Hedgehog is a global entertainment icon that has captivated audiences since its video game debut in 1991. With over 1.14 billion game units sold and downloaded to date, an exciting feature film, a robust licensing program and more, SEGA’s iconic hedgehog continues to surprise and delight audiences worldwide.

“We’re thrilled to partner with WildBrain, Man of Action Entertainment and Netflix to speed into this new, animated chapter in the Sonic franchise.”

”With generations of devoted fans around the world, Sonic the Hedgehog is more popular today than ever before,” feels Josh Scherba, President, WildBrain, “and we’re thrilled to be partnering with Netflix, SEGA and Man of Action to deliver all new Sonic adventures for audiences worldwide.

“This premium franchise is ideally suited to WildBrain’s capabilities and it’s already inspiring great things from our talented creative teams. We’ve witnessed first-hand the enduring popularity of this brand from the strong and steady global demand for our library of legacy Sonic series. We look forward now to bringing fresh and exciting Sonic content to fans both new and old.”

Building on the momentum generated for Sonic in 2020 – and as the brand celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2021 – Sonic Prime aims to captivate the imaginations of audiences ages six to 11, as well as legacy Sonic fans of all ages, and will match the scale and scope of the epic adventures synonymous with the Sonic franchise.

Fleetway Edition's original Sonic the Comic
Fleetway Edition’s original Sonic the Comic

Along with the numerous Sonic games available, the theatrical feature Sonic the Hedgehog took the number one spot worldwide on opening weekend. It remained on top globally for weeks while breaking domestic box office records, and producers SEGA Sammy and Paramount Pictures have announced a sequel to the feature is in development.

Now all we need is a new Sonic the Comic, right?

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