Space comics galore – from Glasgow!

Bunny Behind the Moon

Panel from Bunny Behind the MoonGlasgow’s Sparkle Horse was the venue for the launch of not one but two space-themed comics recently – The Amateur Astronomer’s Journal by Neil Slorance and Bunny behind the Moon by Gill Hatcher.

Bunny Behind the Moon by  Glasgow-based Gill Hatcher, comics creator and editor of Team Girl Comic, is a children’s comic-storybook hybrid. Wonder is a little schoolbunny with unusually long ears.

One day these ears start to receive strange messages – someone appealing for help. Could it really be a bunny astronaut lost in space?



The Amateur Astronomer’s Journal by Glasgow-based comics artist and illustrator Neil Slorance details the adventures and discoveries of an amateur astronomer. The story merges astronomy and science with a human touch.

Both small press titles are available from the creators’ respective web sites.




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