Space Kingley artist Ron Jobson’s Airfix art documented in latest Constant Scale magazine

Constant Scale Issue 67 - Promotional Image

The latest issue of Constant Scale, the journal of the Airfix Collectors’ Club, includes a feature by downthetubes contributor Jeremy Briggs about artist Ron Jobson, who provided the art for the three “Space Kingley” books in the 1950s and who painted box covers as well as many instruction sheets for Airfix in the mid 1970s.

Constant Scale Issue 67 - Promotional Image

Born in Brixton, Ron won a scholarship age 13 to the Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts, and studied there for three years until the outbreak of war in 1939. He started work in Fleet Street with the studio entitled ‘War Artists and Illustrators’, doing work for wartime magazines, Ministry of Information propaganda, and aircraft advertising.

BACK THEM UP! "Hurricanes" of the Royal Air Force co-operating with the Russian Air Force

BACK THEM UP! “Hurricanes” of the Royal Air Force co-operating with the Russian Air Force

After the war, he provided book illustrations for a wide range of subjects, including science fiction, as well as illustrations for Matchbox toys (in 1967, he was responsible for the illustrations on all of the Matchbox 1-75 Series model boxes for that year), Airfix models and general advertising.

He died in January 2014.

Jeremy’s feature includes previously unpublished Airfix sections of David Ashford and Norman Wright’s 1980s interview with Jobson.

Ron Jobson's original art for the World War Two poster "BACK THEM UP!", featuring Hurricanes of the Royal Air Force co-operating with the Russian Air Force

Ron Jobson’s original art for the World War Two poster “BACK THEM UP!”, featuring Hurricanes of the Royal Air Force co-operating with the Russian Air Force. From the National Archives

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• Ron Jobson’s career was covered by Norman Wright and David Ashford in Book and Magazine Collector Issue 320 in 2011

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