Spaceship Away 35 Launched, featuring two “Dan Dare” tales and more

Spaceship Away Issue 35 - Cover


Notching up an impressive 35th issue, the latest 40-page issue of the Dan Dare-inpsired Spaceship Away is on sale now, available on subscription or as a single issue from the title’s official web site.

This latest magazine – offering all-new Dan Dare comic strip written and drawn by Tim Booth and other strips, alongside a range of features, including one on the “Lost Eagle” of the 1970s by DownTheTubes contributor and co-editor Jeremy Briggs – comes wrapped in a terrific “Phantom Fleet” story-inpired cover from veteran Dan Dare artist Don Harley, who’s also painted the issue’s centre spread, as well as a back cover artwork featuring “Chaplain Dan Dare”, based on the original concept of the character as a vicar in space.

(Eagle fans will know the comic was founded by a Church of England vicar, Marcus Morris).

Spaceship Away Issue 35 - Centrespread

Spaceship Away Issue 35 centre spread by Don Harley – the Dan Dare team in a Lunabus

Jeremy’s feature offers an in-depth investigation into a planned relaunch for Eagle in the 1970s that got to dummy stage, with a cover drawn by Frank Bellamy and a four page strip drawn by Joe Colquhoun (best known for his work on “Charley’s War” for Battle) which we’ve featured on DTT in the past. (The hunt is still on for the missing pages). 

Alan Vince also offers a poignant insight into the life and career of Harold Johns, the first member of Frank Hampson’s original Bakehouse studio team who was sadly poorly treated when he started work on other projects – by both Morris and Hampson. Andrew Darlington also looks at Dan Dare in Lion & Eagle, reflecting on the character’s poor treatment and the butchering of Eagle-originated stories reprinted in the title.

Strip-wise, along with Tim’s continuing Dan Dare tales, “Parsecular Tales” and “Mercury Revenant”, there’s a new Ron Turner-created Nick Hazard story , “Planet of Doom”, coloured by Martin Baines; a new Journey into Space adventure starring Jet Morgan, “The World Next Door” by Terence Patrick; and two humour strips from Ray Aspden, “Thunderpants” (I’m sure you can guess which TV show that’s inspired by…) and “Davy Rocket”.

As I’ve said before, Spaceship Away is not the cheapest of independent comics on sale at £8.95 an issue, but you’re not going to find, for now, new Dan Dare artwork or stories anywhere else. Check out the official site now!

Spaceship Away Official Site:

• Rod Barzilay, the founder of Spaceship Away, and Des Shaw, the title’s editor, will be at the British Interplanetary Society Dan Dare event in London next month. More details here 


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