Spandex Special launches this weekend at MCM Expo

Spandex Special 2013 by Martin Eden

After seven issues of gay superhero shenanigans, Spandex series creator Martin Eden is bringing his comic saga to and end in a Spandex Special! To celebrate, the comic will be a whopping 52 pages and will feature five ‘variant covers’, including one by Jeffrey Brown, indie superstar and writer/artist of New York Times Bestsellers Vader & Son and Vader’s Little Princess.

The other variant covers are by Martin and some of his favourite comic artists: Warwick Johnson Cadwell, artist/indie comic creator and current Tank Girl artist; British artist Nigel Dobbyn of 2000AD, Marvel UK and Sonic the Hedgehog fame; and rising star T’Sao Wei, currently working on ‘Windrush’

All five covers will be in each copy of the Special, just in a different order.

The Spandex series has been nominated and shortlisted for the ‘Favourite British Colour Comic’ Eagle Award. Titan Books have published the first three issues of Spandex in a glossy hardback collection, Spandex: Fast and Hard – available on Amazon and from all good bookshops. There will be an announcement about digital Spandex soon.

The Special’s story sees a brand new team taking the ‘Spandex’ name – but how will they fare in the supervillain-filled streets of Brighton? And where are the old team-members? Plus, Martin promises answers to a lot of the series’ questions, and yet another massive twist.

This may not necessarily mean the end of Spandex, however, as Martin is developing ideas for a spin-off web-comic called ‘Spandex Strips’.

“I love the characters, and would love to continues the series,” he says. “I want to finish my O Men series and develop another comic – and then hopefully I can start the Spandex web-comic.”

Martin will be debuting the Spandex Special this weekend at the MCM London Expo (26/27 October) and will also be selling it at London’s Comiket (2 November) and Thought Bubble in Leeds (23/24 November). The Special will also be available at selected comic shops and from

• The Spandex Special is £4/$6, PDF is £1/$1.50 – available now for pre-order. Website:


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