Specialist “Moke” car kit will catch the eye of “The Prisoner” fans!

If you’re a fan of model car kits, you may be interested in this new 1:24 Moke Mk.1 item from specialist modellers Motobitz.

Motobitz 1:24 Moke Mk.1

Plus, if you’re a fan of cult TV series The Prisoner, you will definitely be interested in this new 1:24 Moke Mk.1 item from specialist modellers Motobitz, because it’s the vehicle that featured in the classic show starring Patrick McGoohan… and as you’d expect a The Prisoner version of the model is in the works.

Motobitz has over 25 years experience producing artwork for decals, profiles, kit assembly instructions, PE parts and more. The company arose from a lifetime passion for all things automotive.

• There will be an initial batch of 25 kits priced at £85.00 + p&p. Pre-orders can be made by visiting www.motobitz.uk

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  1. This reminds me of the time I hired a Moke in Barbados. It had just rained and the sandy tracks I was driving along had large but shallow puddles. Driving fast through the water threw it up over the engine and the electrics died. But, wait a few minutes and the heat of the engine dried everything off, and I was able to restart and drive on. Just a badly placed distributor or coil, perhaps. Or the water got onto the sparking plugs and the leads, shorting them out.

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