Starblazer from the Command Deck

DC Thomson editor Bill McLoughlin has kindly given downthetubes his account of the rise and fall of DC Thomson’s 1980s SF digest title Starblazer, which has recently spawned its own Role Playing Game (see our review).

Revealing the origins of the title – whose contributors included, among many others, a young comics creator called Grant Morrison, who back then was also drawing as well as writing – Bill talks about the origins of the comic and the reasons it finally headed to the Black Hole of cancellation.

The article has been added to several features on downthetubes about Starblazer, which include an article by writer Ray Aspden on wiritng for the title, and a complete checklist of creators over the comic’s 281 issue history.

Read Bill McLoughlin’s Starblazer feature
Read Ray Aspden’s article on writing Starblazer
Read Jeremy Briggs’ interview with Bill McLoughlin

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