Starts Today! Strawjack – The Terror of Romney Marsh by Keith Page – Parts 1 and 2

We’re delighted to begin a serialisation of Strawjack – The Terror of Romney Marsh, a steampunk-tinged tale by Keith Page, steeped in piracy, smuggling and general skullduggery! Available here as a full graphic novel from Crucible Comic Press, Keith has kindly agreed to let us run his first “Strawjack” tale in web comic format on downthetubes.

Strawjack - The Terror of Romney Marsh Cover - art by Keith Page

Available now in print and digitally, Strawjack: The Terror of Romney Marsh is written and illustrated by Keith Page, lettered by Robin Jones and edited by John Freeman, with invaluable support from David Hailwood and a smashing series logo created by Jim Campbell.

Set in an almost-historical Britain at the turn of the nineteenth century, the story concerns the dark doings of a gang of ex-pirates, now operating as smugglers on Romney Marsh, a place of deep waters and deeper secrets, where the supernatural is wont to knock on the door at any moment. Altogether a grand spot for a gang of smugglers to make their hideout!

During one smuggling trip, the opening of a cursed treasure chest leads to the release of a terrifying evil spirit, who quickly begins to wreak havoc. Suddenly finding himself in the unaccustomed role of hero, can Strawjack, aided by mysterious and unexpected allies, defeat this unholy terror…before it claims more than his soul?

Strawjack - The Terror of Romney Marsh Page One © Keith Page
Strawjack - The Terror of Romney Marsh Page 2 © Keith Page

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Strawjack: The Terror of Romney Marsh is the creation of Keith Page. Inspired by the great British comics artists of the past such as Frank Hampson, Don Lawrence and Joe Colquhoun, he’s worked full-time in comics and illustration for almost 30 years. Subjects have ranged from television-related material such as Thunderbirds, science fiction, and war stories of all periods for Commando.

Keith is also the creator of several The Adventures of Charlotte Corday projects, some available online as well as those previously released in print. His published works also include The Casebook of Bryant and May: The Soho Devil, written by Christopher Fowler.

Hancock - The Lad Himself by Stephen Walsh and Keith Page - Cover

The all-new story is the first “Strawjack” adventure from Lancaster-based independent comic publisher Crucible Comic Press, run by comics editor and writer John Freeman.

A second story, Figgerty’s Gallop, is in the works, written by Commando and Charlotte Corday writer, Stephen Walsh.

Keith and Stephen are also the creators of the graphic novel, Hancock: The Lad Himself, published by B7 Media, available here.

Strawjack – The Terror of Romney Marsh is available now from Crucible Comic Press, from AmazonUK, in print and as a digital edition | Paperback: ‎44 pages | ISBN-13 9798531575012 | Also available from

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Declaration: Crucible Comic Press is owned by John Freeman

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