The Intestinauts are back! 2000AD 2230 Preview, Time Flies collected and our latest “Rebellion Releases” check list

The latest edition of 2000AD, Prog 2230, is on sale from tomorrow, (Wednesday 5th May 2021) in all good comic shops and newsagents, with a great cover from Pye Parr to highlight the arrival of “Tharg’s 3rillers: Intestinauts – Symbiotic Love Triangle”, written by Arthur Wyatt with great art by Pye. I really enjoyed the previous outing, and the first episode nicely sets the scene for another fun romp.

Judge Dredd: The Penitent Man” also cranks up the actions this Prog, with fantastic art from Tom Foster you really don’t want to miss out on.

Tharg also alerts us to the upcoming release of the second of 2021’s Regened issues, heading your way in Prog 2233, another collection of all-ages stories. Once again, this will be a bumper 48 pages, featuring the return of the likes of “Anderson, Psi-Division” and “Pandora Perfect”.

Also out this week is a digital release of “Time Flies“, comprising two stories originally serialised in 2000AD 700-711, “Time Flies”, and 1015-1023, “Tempus Fugitive”, both written by Garth Ennis with art from Philip Bond on both, with Jon Beeston and Roger Langridge taking over toward the end of the second, which, it has to be said, is a little bit jarring. Previously collected in print in the 2000AD Extreme Edition Issue 19, there’s plenty of fun, some at the expense of pop band Bros in these silly time travel-inspired stories, and mirth had at the expense of the comics medium in the second. If you’re expecting the normal savagery of Garth Ennis in these stories, then expect to be surprised.

This Week’s Rebellion Releases

2000AD 2230 Cover by Pye Parr

2000AD Prog 2230

Judge Dredd: The Penitent Man by Kenneth Niemand (Writer) Tom Foster (Artist) Chris Blythe (Colourist) Annie Parkhouse (Letterer)

Mega-City One, 2143 AD. Home to over 160 million citizens, this urban hell is situated along the east coast of post-apocalyptic North America. Crime is rampant and only the zero-tolerance Judges can stop total anarchy. Toughest of them all is JUDGE DREDD — he is the Law! Former Judge Kyle Asher has returned from Titan, having served twenty years. But the SJS have been conducting an illegal operation against him…

2000AD 2230 - Judge Dredd: The Penitent Man

Thistlebone: Poisoned Roots by TC Eglington (Writer) Simon Davies (Artist) Simon Bowland (Letterer)

Britain, 2020. It’s been over a year since journalist Seema Chaudry accompanied cult survivor Avril Easton back to the village of Harrowvale, where she suffered at the hands of Jasper Hillman ’s THISTLEBONE worshippers, a crazed occult group that believed in an ancient woodland deity. In the process of researching for a book on the Thistlebone legend, Seema believes much of it centres around one man — Malcolm Kinniburgh…

2000AD 2230 -Thistlebone: Poisoned Roots

Visions of Deadworld: Transpolar by Kek-W (Writer) Dave Kendall (Artist) Simon Bowland (Letterer)

The planet that eventually became known as DEADWORLD was once a regular
civilisation existing in a dimension parallel to our own. But the end of days is coming, and creatures known as the Dark Judges are spreading their contagion, exterminating all life, which they see as a crime. Now, in the frozen north, undead ‘Grey ’ Judges are targeting an oil facility to gain control of the pipeline, and are facing resistance…

2000AD 2230 - Visions of Deadworld: Transpolar

Tharg’s 3rillers: Intestinauts – Symbiotic Love Triangle by Arthur Wyatt (Writer) Pye Parr (Artist and Letterer)

Three episodes, one complete, self-contained story — a condensed hit of super-charged Thrill-power beamed to you directly from the Nerve Centre! It ’s the far future, and technology has evolved to the point where nanobots called Intestinauts can be ingested to help with internal medical conditions. These plucky little droids are then flushed back into the system, where their cores are uploaded, ready to go into battle again…

2000AD 2230 - Tharg's 3rillers: Intestinauts - Symbiotic Love Triangle

Feral & Foe II by Dan Abnett (Writer) Richard Elson (Artist) Jim Campbell (Letterer)

It is five years after the Last-of-All-War, when the Monarchy succeeded in defeating the Malign Lord. With their leader dead, his minions are scattered, fleeing retribution from the Wretchfinders. Necromancer Bode and warrior Wrath are two such beings, and were offered a deal — hunt and kill their own kind or be declared FERAL & FOE . Now, while on a quest for Golgone the Necromancer, they ’ve been captured by Woodwoes…

2000AD 2230 - Feral & Foe II 

• 2000AD is available in print from: newsagents and comic book stores via Diamond | Available in digital from:2000 AD webshop and apps for iPadAndroidWindows

• Time Flies (Digital Only) 
Out: 5th May 2021
Written by Garth Ennis
Art By Philip Bond , Jon Beeston and Roger Langridge
Lettered by Kid Robson, Steve Potter

Time Flies - Cover

In the midst of an air raid over Nazi Germany in World War II, Squadron Leader Bertie Sharp is given a new mission by time travelling agent Trace Bullet; to locate Hermann Goring, who has been kidnapped by time pirates, and take him back to 1945 before millions die in the resulting time disruption. As Bertie and Trace set off in their time travelling JCB, their inter-dimensional adventures take them to heaven, hell, and beyond… Collected digitally for the first time, Time Flies is an outrageous time travelling comedy from comics superstar writer Garth Ennis (Preacher, The Boys), with art by Philip Bond (Tank Girl), Jon Beeston (Judge Dredd Megazine) and Roger Langridge (Snarked!).

Available in digital from: 2000 AD webshop and apps for iPadAndroid and Windows 10

Recent Rebellion Releases

Evil Genius 2 Special

In newsagents now is the Evil Genius 2 Special, tying in with the launch of the lair-building strategy management game Evil Genius 2 – World Domination. This magazine special takes you behind-the-scenes on the new chapter in this acclaimed title, featuring interviews with the creative team behind the game, character profiles of all the new playable characters and a rundown of the new special features. 

It will also includes brand new comic book stories featuring the Evil Genius characters, their put-upon henchmen, and their downtrodden minions! 

Written by Kate Heartfield(The Magician’s Workshop) and Karl Stock (Future Shocks), and drawn by Elkys Nova (Tammy & Jinty) and Leigh Wortley(And Then Everybody Died), the brand new comic book stories explore the world of this critically-acclaimed game.

Judge Dredd Megazine - Issue 431 - cover by Dave Taylor

Judge Dredd Megazine 431
Cover by Dave Taylor
Out: Now


• Judge Dredd: Don’t Drokk With Bob by Kenneth Niemand (Writer) Ian Richardson (Artist) Jim Boswell (Colourist) Annie Parkhouse (Letterer)
• Megatropolis by Kenneth Neimand (Writer) Dave Taylor (a) Jim Campbell (Letterer)
• Devlin Waugh: The Lord of Lies by Aleš Kot (Writer) Mike Dowling (Artist) Simon Bowland (Letterer)
• Diamond Dogs II by James Peaty (Writer) Warren Pleece (Artist) Simon Bowland (Letterer)
• Deliverance by David Hine (Writer) Nick Percival (Artist) Annie Parkhouse (Letterer)
• Features: Anthrax graphic novel, The Spider
Bagged collection: 2000AD Encyclopedia

Available in print from: newsagents and comic book stores via Diamond | Available in digital from: 2000 AD webshop and apps for iPadAndroidWindows 10

• Thistlebone 
Realeased 29th April 2021

The secluded rural village of Harrowvale holds a dark past—that years earlier, on a farm bordering the vast tracts of woodland, it hosted a cult that was seeking to escape civilisation and find purity in the old ways, namely worshipping an ancient deity called Thistlebone. Led by the charismatic Jasper Hillman, their pagan beliefs grew ever more radical to the point where they held the young Avril Eason captive with the intention of sacrificing her. But Avril escaped…

• Check out our full guide to 2021 Rebellion releases – both 2000AD and Treasury of British Comics – here

May 2021 Releases

Adam Eterno - A Hero for All Time

• Devlin Waugh: Blood Debt – 13 May 2021

• Fill Tilt Boogie – 13 May

• Adam Eterno – 27 May

• Check out our full guide to 2021 Rebellion releases – both 2000AD and Treasury of British Comics – here

June 2021 Releases

• Slaughter Bowl (Digital Only) – 2 June

• Roy of the Rovers: The Best of the 1980s – Who Shot Roy Race? – 10 June

• Tammy & Jinty Remixed – 10th June

• Judge Dredd: Guatemala – 22nd June

• Battler Britton – War Picture Library by Hugo Pratt – 24th June

• Check out our full guide to 2021 Rebellion releases – both 2000AD and Treasury of British Comics – here

July 2021 Releases

• 2000AD Regened Volume 2 – 6th July

• Aquila Volume 2 (Digital Only) – 7th July 2021

• The Rise and Fall of the Trigan Empire Volume III – 20th July

• Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files Vol. 37– 22nd July

August 2021 Releases

Hershey: Disease

• Bad City Blue (Digital Only) – Release Date: 4th August 2021

• Ken Reid’s Football Funnies: The First Half – 5th August

• Lawless Volume 3: Ashes to Ashes – 5th August

• Hershey: Disease – 17th August

• The Stainless Steel Rat – 19th August

• Essential Judge Dredd: Origins – 31st August

September 2021 Releases

• Firekind (Digital Only)

• Sláine: Dragontamer – 2nd September

• Dark Judges: The Fall of Deadworld Vol. 3 – 14th September

• The Thirteenth Floor Volume 3 – 16th September

October 2021 Releases

• Black Max Volume 2 – 14th October

• Fiends of the Eastern Front – 14th October

• Megatropolis – 14th October

• Roy of the Rovers: New Digs – 28th October 2021

November 2021 Releases

• Tales from the Black Museum Volume 1 (Digital Only) – 3rd November 2021

• Judge Dredd: Dreadnoughts – 9th November

• Misty Presents: The Jaume Rumeu Collection– 11th November

• Brink Volume 4 – 23rd November

• The Treasury of British Comics Presents: The Tom Paterson Collection – 25th November

December 2021 Releases

• Durham Red – Born Bad (Digital Only) – 1st December 2021

• Hellman of Hammer Force – 9th December

• Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files Volume 38 – 9th December

• Scarlet Traces Volume 3 – 9th December

• Check out our full guide to 2021 Rebellion releases – both 2000AD and Treasury of British Comics – here


All three Specials will be available from all good newsagents and comic book stores, as well as from the 2000AD and Treasury of British Comics webshops

Black Beth and the Devils of Al-Kadesh
Publication date: 23rd June 2021
Pages: 48
Price: £4.99

After her appearance in Rebellion’s previous Scream! & Misty Specials, the sword-swinging Black Beth is back, written by Alec Worley (Durham Red) and drawn by DaNi (Coffin Bound),

2000AD Sci-Fi Special
Publication date: 7th July 2021
Pages: 48
Price: £4.99

This year’s 2000AD Sci-Fi Special – a staple part of 2000AD’s publishing DNA for decades – offers a fantastic collection of original Dredd-world stories, all connected to the same over-arching narrative and plotted by writers Mike Carroll (Judge Dredd) and Maura McHugh (Anderson, Psi Division). 

Dive into the dystopian world of Judge Dredd as he brings law to the lawless on the mean streets of Mega-City One!

The Monster Fun Halloween Spooktacular
Publication date: 22nd September 2021
Pages: 48
Price: TBC

Back for Halloween 2021, join the Treasury of British Comics’ creepiest and coolest goblins, ghouls and vamps for brand new, HELL-arious comic strips.

• More details of these Specials here as part of our full guide to 2021 Rebellion releases – both 2000AD and Treasury of British Comics – here

Check out our guide to all Roy of the Rovers collections, new books and graphic novels here

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