The77 Publications, MarkWHO77, continue comic creator focused videocast series with chats with artist Andrew Richmond, Robin Smith and John Wagner

The77 Publications, publishers of The77, This Comic is Haunted, Pandora, and other smashing independent comics, continue their joint videocast series with MarkWHO77, hosted by Mark Baumgarten and Vicky Jakubowski, with a new interview with artist Andrew Richmond.

Alongside The77’s publisher Ben Cullis, Mark and Vicky chat with Andrew, a thirty year veteran of the independent comics industry, about his newest project, working with Richard Hope-Hawkins: Terry-Thomas – A Life in Pictures, a bio-comic about the well-known British comedian.

Andrew also discusses his role as art-editor on Steve MacManus’ BLAZER!, and Pandora, edited by Jo Heeley, and This Comic is Haunted, edited by Dave Heeley.

The new videocast follows hot on the heels of a videocast with 2000AD writer John Wagner and artist Robin Smith. The fascinating discussion covers their careers, Judge Dredd, and their new graphic novel, The Bogie Man: The Incomplete Case Files, which, as we previously reported, is now in a Kickstarter campaign.

If you’ve missed their previous videocasts then head over to YouTube to check out interviews with artist Andrew Sawyers, comic artist and writer Mike Collins, and artist and writer Steve Parkhouse.

MarkWHO42’s Universe, Mark Baumgarten’s main show, can be heard on Subspace Radio Network, an online radio station. The show used to be Doctor Who-centric but is now general science fiction. We’ve had over 150 celebrity guests.”

Show episodes include “Taking the Lifeboat to Lawless”, featuring interviews with Steve Bull and Ben Cullis from The77 Publications team. An earlier episode, “This Show is Haunted – Again!”, features an interview with Dave HeeleyIan Stopforth, and Jo Heeley discussing the horror anthology.

• Check out all the MarkWHO77 episodes on The77 Publications YouTube channel

Check out The Bogie Man here on Kickstarter

• Check out Mark’s regular MarkWHO42’s Universe online at markwho42.

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