Thumpculture hits the Web

Brilliant artist Neill Cameron, whose career I’ve followed for years, has been in touch to “casually mention” that he’s finally had a chance to get back to stunning strip Thumpculture.

“I recently completed the first ‘issue’ online at, and before starting the second I’m in the middle of a week of daily updates where I’m posting various bits of character designs, background art, and general sketchbooky stuff,” he says. “I thought it might be a fun peek into the creative process for people.”

If you’ve been a Friend of The Thump in the past – some pages have appeared on ComicSpace and elsewhere then check out the site: the art is simply stunning. Neill’s a talent whose work has been published in various UK magazines and I have no idea why he is not appearing regularly in 2000AD, or talent spotted by one of the US majors.

Categories: British Comics, Digital Comics

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