Thunderbirds 1965 Project Rockets toward Success, reaching £42,000 base goal in 24 hours

Image courtesy the Thunderbirds 1965 Project

Image courtesy the Thunderbirds 1965 Project

Within just 24 hours, the Kickstarter campaign for Thunderbirds 1965 – a Kickstarter project with the aim of creating three new Classic Thunderbirds episodes using 1960s audio recordings – has reached 56% of its base goal – £42,000.

As we reporteed earlier this week, this September marks 50 years since Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s ground-breaking Thunderbirds series blasted onto TV screens in the UK. To celebrate this special anniversary, the iconic puppets will be making a spectacular return in, hopefully, three brand new episodes in Thunderbirds 1965, a project created by director Stephen La Rivière, now seeking crowd funding.

“This simply would not have been possible without the generous people who backed the project in its earliest hours,” said Stephen in a message to backers earlier today. Reaching the project’s “base goal” means the making of one of three episodes – “The Abominable Snowman” – is now within reach.

If the project, now back to the tunes of over £47,000, gains full funding, Kickstarter will not take money from accounts until after the campaign ends on 8th August, so the project organisers are keen to remind possible backers that the sooner people pledge, the sooner they can hit our campaign goal… “And the sooner we hit our campaign goal, the more likely it is we will reach our stretch goals and produce the additional two episodes everybody wants to see so dearly.”

If you aren’t able to contribute financially, there are still many things you can do to support Thunderbirds 1965. Social media plays a huge part in our success, so please follow us on Twitter, join us on Facebook and share the Kickstarter link anywhere you can.

The more the project is shared by supporters, the more the press take interest and help spread our project to fans worldwide.

• Here’s the link to the Kickstarter page; further information can be found at or via Kickstarter

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