Thunderbirds Are Go: Scott Tracy and Thunderbird 1 Profiled

Thunderbirds Are Go: Scott Tracy

Just one day to go!

The promotions for Thunderbirds Are Go are coming in thick and fast now as the launch date nears, with the new show’s official Facebook page featuring a countdown of Tracy brothers character profiles, inviting fans to back their favourite.

Here’s Scott Tracy, in command of the new look Thunderbird 1 “first response” vehicle.

Thunderbirds Are Go: Scott Tracy

Thunderbirds Are Go: Thunderbird 1

Thunderbirds Are Go: Support Scott Tracy


DC Thomson are publishing an official Thunderbirds Are Go tie-in publication, but there’s still no information on a launch date or content, although it looks like it may not be out until October.

• The official Thunderbirds web site now enables you to sign up as an agent of International Rescue:

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