Tim Hall’s horror adventure comic, “Skragbeard”, returns – and looks better than ever

Way back in 2013, artist Tim Hall published the first issue of Skragbeard – a Viking-themed horror adventure that was already two years in the making, back then. We loved the book, and eagerly awaited Issue Two.

Well, it’s been a long time coming, but good news – it’s all done, it was well worth the wait – and copies should be available soon.

Skragbeard & The Vikings Issue 1 by Tim Hall
Skragbeard & The Vikings Issue 1 by Tim Hall - Sample Art
The opening pages of Skargbeard Issue One, by Tim Hall

In Issue One, village Chieftain-to-be Skragbeard, his best man Andersen and future brother-in-law Gunnersen are the only survivors when their boat is shipwrecked during a violent storm on their return from Skragbeard’s stag party.

Cold, wet and in a hostile, unknown land, Skragbeard attempts to acquire clothing from a nearby settlement – only to find himself caught between a returning village horde and an all-too-familiar face…

Hounded by a vicious horror from hell, in Issue Two Skragbeard manages to escape his evil foe, while his angry fiancé, Cara, sets out on her own mission, building to what look to be some tumultuous events in Issue Three (which, hopefully, is well on course to be with us much faster than Issue Two!).

Skragbeard & The Vikings Issue 2 by Tim Hall

This is a fun, action-packed adventure series, the story cracking along at a terrific pace, the action peppered with some fun moments to lighten the terror. Tim Hall’s art is terrific, with some utterly stunning double page spreads in Issue Two that are absolutely brilliant, in my view.

“I was aiming to draw the reader in to the world of Helheim with a cinematic feel before Issue 3 starts to focus on the characters and plot,” Tim tells us, and he’s certainly done that!

Skragbeard & The Vikings Issue 2 by Tim Hall- Sample Art

“I’m currently writing Issue 3,” the much-in-demand Hampshire-based comic creator and illustrator reveals, “but I’m considering splitting the 22-page issue into two mini-issues, so that I can keep putting something out there for readers who are interested.”

If you’d like to snag a copy of Skragbeard, then head over to Facebook and keep an eye on his Void Studios page for availability. He’s also hoping to have copies on sale in local comic shops.

• Check out Tim’s work on Facebook at www.facebook.com/TimHallArt

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