Times features Classical Comics

Today’s Times newspaper carried a full feature on bringing Shakespeare to teenagers “as they like it” and included a plug for both the recently-published Manga and Classical Comics Shakespeare comics. The piece has made Classical Comics artist Jon Haward’s day, especially after his work on Macbeth was described in glowing terms.

“His green-faced, red-eyed, scrubbily bearded witches are far nearer the hellish creatures that Shakespeare conceived than the prancing Glasgow chavs or glum Morningside housewives I’ve seen in the theatre,” writes Bernard Nightingale. “And his Macbeth is as formidable as he should be: a big, grim warrior who nevertheless sweats and ogles with horror at the spectral dagger or Banquo’s blue, eyeless ghost. Haward has caught the play’s terror and tension a lot better than many productions that I recall.”

The article, inspired in part by Stand Up for Shakespeare campaign, provides another welcome promotion for the Classical Comics range. Paul Harrison Davies reviewed Henry V earlier this year for downthetubes.

• More on the Stand up for Shakespeare campaign from 01789 272520 or www.rsc.org.uk/standupforshakespeare

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