Titan’s Dan Dare books to continue

Contrary to reports on some web sites, the upcoming Titan Dan Dare book, Reign of the Robots, is not the last Titan collection.

downthetubes spoke with the head of Titan Books this morning and the company is all set to continue the range.

Late last year, publisher Orion laid claim on Amazon.co.uk to being the new Dan Dare publisher in its promotion for Eagle Annual of the 1950s, a
claim they subsequently refuted when challenged but which has not been removed from the description of the book. This may have been where the rumour started.

As yet, there are no release dates for forthcoming books but we’ll let you know if we hear anything more — and welcome reports from our Eagle-eyed (sorry!) Dan Dare-loving readers!

The next major Dan Dare-related release from Orion is Dan Dare, Pilot of the Future: A Biography by Daniel Tatarsky in 2009, although we are puzzled as to just how he is going to speak to the original creators as claimed…

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  1. John, with respect to the Orion Dan Dare “biography”, my theory is they will cover all of Dan Dare’s many incarnations. So it won’t be what most fans of the Hampson/Eagle’s original Dan Dare might think (or want)! More a history of the so-called “Dan Dare Legacy”, with its many “original” creators – many of those are still around to interview. Time will tell, but let’s hope they give it a cleaner look than the grubby looking Eagle Annual of the 1950s!

  2. Good point – although with creators such as Dave Gibbons, Pat Mills, Gary Erskine, Garth Ennis, Ian Kennedy and others involved in the legacy that’s quite a good list, and some of the above haven’t talked at length about their Dan Dare work anywhere.

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