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Today’s podcast from Ian Cullen’s cult web site features an exclusive interview with comic writer Tony Lee, who talks about his career and his latest graphic novel, Bram Stoker’s Dracula: Harker, which is being published by Markosia. The book features art by Peter-Davis Douglas and Neil Antwerpen.

“Last year, I was speaking with [Markosia publisher] Harry Markos, a small press British company that I’ve been involved with since the very early days,” he explains. “They were one of the companies that did Starship Troopers and took on [my book] Hope Falls. I’ve done other bits and pieces for them over the years, and we were discussing doing something different.

“We wanted to do a hardback graphic novel, we wanted to do a coffee table graphic novel and they wanted to do something really nice that would look good. They couldn’t work out what to do. So I suggested to them while in a meeting, ‘Why don’t you do a sequel to Dracula?’

“Because, obviously, Dracula is a public domain book, which I happened to have a sequel to at the time that I was playing around with,” he continues. Which was Harker, [featuring] the characters from Dracula six months on, and they loved the idea.”

• You can hear more about Harker as well as Tony Lee’s various Doctor Who books make a date with the SciFi Pulse Podcast which airs live on Friday 22 May at 11.00pm UK Time, 3.00pm PST, 5.00pm CT and 6.00pm EST. Follow the links on

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