Top 10 downthetubes Posts: 21st – 27th January 2014

Revolutionary War Issue 4 - Varinat Cover by Liam Sharp (Inks)

Liam Sharp’s inks for the variant cover to Revolutionary War #4

Here’s a rundown of the Top Ten posts on downthetubes over the last seven days (not including the Home Page):

• “White Dwarf” goes weekly, “Warhammer Visions” launches 1st February
Bucking the usual trend of magazines closing or going digital only, Games Workshop has announced the launch of a new, weekly White Dwarf magazine and a new monthly title – Warhammer: Visions – on 1st February 2014.

The Return of the Marvel UK Heroes: An interview with Alan Cowsill
We caught up with Marvel’s Revolutionary War co-creator Alan Cowsill to ask him about the project and find out if, just maybe, this won’t be the last will see of a revived Death’s Head II, Dark Angel, Motormouth et al…

Titan Comics bags Doctor Who rights
BBC Worldwide and Titan Comics have teamed up to publish all-new Doctor Who comic book adventures in the United States, taking over from US publisher IDW, and have just issued the following press release:

2000AD offers sneek peek at upcoming Thrills for 2014
2000AD has released a series of teaser images for many of its new strips, set for publication in the weekly SF comic and Judge Dredd Megazine, including a new creator owned story from Paul Grist and a new Slaine tale from Pat Mills and Simon ‘S.B.’ Davis…

“Comics UnMasked” exhibition at British Library to be designed by Dave McKean
The British Library – which has a huge archive of comics and graphic novels to draw on – has confirmed that their major lead exhibition  for 2014 is on British comics and entitled Comics Unmasked: Art & Anarchy in the UK.

In Review: Heros the Spartan
This large (270mm by 360mm) book reproduces all of Frank Bellamy’s famous Heros the Spartan adventure strip, which appeared between 1962 and 1965 in the Eagle weekly for boys. The strips are reproduced in their original size, but from the printed pages, not from original artwork, as much of this is lost or unavailable.

New Italian publisher launches SF, fantasy comics range
Admittedly, this isn’t actually British comic news – but bear with me, there is a British connection!

In Review: Space Ace Volume 2
Four more vintage  stories from the pages of Lone Star Magazine and Lone Star Annual featuring Space Ace, lovingly restored and coloured by John Ridgway, have been released in a new comic.

Official Star Wars Fact File launches in January in the UK
The Official Star Wars Fact File, a new national partwork for the UK from part work publishers De Agostini, launched on 1st January 2014, initially priced at 50p.

Revolutionary War: Knights of Pendragon preview released, Cork signing announced
Marvel has released a preview of Revolutionary War #3: Knights of Pendragon, written by Rob Williams with Irish artist Will Sliney, on art – replacing Simon Coleby, who was the advertised artist in early solicits for the series. Sliney’s recent credits include Fearless Defenders and Superior Spider-Man Team-Up for Marvel. The variant cover on the issue is provided by Neil Edwards, Terry Pallot and Ruth Redmond…

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