Top-selling thriller writer James Swallow pens new Commando comic, out this week

Japanese soldiers versus crocodiles in the mangrove swamps of Ramree Island? Foreign Legion duels to the death? Terror on an isolated sea fort, and a coward in the cockpit? It’s all happening in the latest issues of DC Thomson Media’s Commando (issues 5295-5298) on sale this Thursday in all good newsagents and from various digital platforms!

This set of releases includes a new Commando from top New York Times best-selling author and BAFTA-nominated scriptwriter James Swallow, author of over 50 books, his third Commando to date. His many credits include the Marc Dane thrillers, Judge Dredd novels, Blake’s 7Doctor Who and Dan Dare audio adventures – and much, much more.

In his Review of 2019, James revealed last month that writing comics – a medium he’s always wanted to write in – threw up very different and very interesting challenges, “and I’m pleased to have had the opportunity to tackle them and stretch my skill-set!”

Also released this week is a new Commando written by Kate Dewar and another issue breaking from past format with full bleed pages and a double-page spread from Vicente Alcazar, and a striking cover from Neil Roberts.

Here’s the full rundown…

Commando 5295: Home of Heroes: Ramree MassacreCommando 5295: Home of Heroes: Ramree Massacre
Story: Kate Dewar| Art: Vicente Alcazar | Cover: Neil Roberts

Kate Dewar returns for her second Commando tale, tackling chaotic scenes on Ramree Island. The small number of Japanese soldiers defending the island were up against it.

Bombarded by the Royal Navy on the beaches, then forced deep inland by British and Indian soldiers, they had no choice but to venture further into the inhospitable mangrove swamp. But the British and Indian soldiers waiting for them outside the grove were nothing compared to the horror that awaited them in the murky waters…

This issue offers full bleed pages and a double-page spread from Vicente Alcazar, and a striking cover from Neil Roberts

Commando 5295: Home of Heroes: Ramree Massacre - Sample Page

Commando 5296: Gold Collection: Bayonet FightersCommando 5296: Gold Collection: Bayonet Fighters
Story: Eric Hebden | Art: R Franch | Cover: Penalva
Originally Commando No. 678 (1972)

Dirk Lassiter was a French Foreign Legion veteran signed on for five years because the British Army was too peaceful. But, in 1939, with war looming, the Englishman was looking forward to joining up.

Then, when his German rival Bauer challenged him to a traditional ‘Duel by Bayonet’ on his last day in the Legion, Dirk won the duel easily, but he would soon learn that what he did in the Legion would follow him into the war.

Commando 5297: Action and Adventure: Fog of WarCommando 5297: Action and Adventure: Fog of War
Story: James Swallow | Art: Khato | Cover: Keith Burns

Private Bill Tasker was army through and through, so he was a tad surprised to find his latest posting on the middle of the blinkin’ sea on what looked like a bully beef can on stilts! In fact, Bill was one of the handful of men on a top-secret sea fort named Blackland Sands which was tasked with protecting Blighty from V-1 rockets and E-boats.

But Blackland Sands was about to receive some unwanted guests dressed in Nazi camouflage…

Commando 5298: Silver Collection: Coward’s BattleCommando 5298: Silver Collection: Coward’s Battle
Story: CG Walker | Art: Salmeron | Cover: Cox
Originally Commando No. 1477 (1981)

Pilot Officer Harry Benson was a coward — no bones about it… or so he thought. The Fairey Battle pilot had the wind up him after becoming the only survivor of a bombing raid that went awry.

But a stint with hard-as-nails Sergeant Parker and the French Resistance were about to challenge the cowardly flyer to show his true colours – whether he liked it or not!


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