Transformers Mag Hubris Hits Ten

hubris10a.jpgTransformers fan magazine Hubris celebrates its 10th issue with a host of features dedicated to the giant robot saga and comes wrapped in a superb, exclusive full-colour wrap-around cover poster by top comics artist Stephen Baskerville.

The magazine also includes a feature exploring the rare opportunities Transformers writer Bob Budiansky took to tell stories that simply focused on single characters; profiles of Blast Off, Blitzwing and Blot; reviews of a selection of Titan Magazine’s Transformers (2007) tie-in stories; plus an all-new full-colour Transformers strip story, Tyrannical Difficulties, with art by Mark Stevenson, starring Grimlock.

Hubris Magazine is the work of The Hub, co-oridnated by Graham Thomson, a site celebrating over 25 years of The Transformers.

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