Transmission Vamp! FANSCENE Issue 3 e-zine celebrates Vampirella, and much more

FANSCENE Issue 3, the latest Issue of the zine edited by artist David Hathaway-Price dedicated to all things comic zine, is available now, as a free PDF format fanzine.

FANSCENE Issue 3 - CoverFollowing the publication of Issue 1, which celebrated the 50th anniversary of the first comics zine published and distributed in the British Isles, KA-POW, and Issue 2, which celebrated the first British Comics Convention, issue 3 celebrates the publication of the first issue of… Vampirella…!?

The issue sports a lovely painted Vampirella cover by Nick Neocleous, and superb pin ups by Richard Baker, Martin Hand, Dave Hornsby, Andy Williams and Ken Simpson. Nick also turns the Fan Spotlight on Guy Lawley, and presents a classic, previously unpublished strip, “Zip Newton”, by himself and Guy.

“Yes, I know Vampirella isn’t British, but really, who could resist the opportunity?” David, who also runs the brilliant Classic UK Comics Zines Archive, explains.

“This issue of FANSCENE primarily takes a look at several of the APAs that used to be published in the UK, including BAPA, XAP, DAPA and MIRACLE,” he adds. “Not a comprehensive list by any means, but a nice little snapshot of a subsection of fandom that gets far too little attention”.

FANSCENE Issue 3 - ContentsFANSCENE Issue 3 - TreasuresFANSCENE Issue 3 - Meeting Stan LeeFANSCENE Issue 3 - BAPAFANSCENE Issue 3 - XAPFANSCENE Issue 3 - Sample PageFANSCENE Issue 3 - Vampirella at 50

As a former member of BAPA myself, I’ll be flipping to that item, along with reading the articles and tributes to Terry Wiley, Stan Lee, Ernie Colon, and Steve Ditko.

Strips feature heavily this issue, too, always good to see. These are the first part of “Got It Together Again” by Mark Wayne Barrett, Neal Burton et al, “The Fly” and “Justice Lord” by Robbie Sutton, “Devoid of character” by Roger Gibson (all from the pages of XAP / Early Spring and thus criminally underseen), “‘Alf Price” by Mike Teague, “3 Panel Strips” by Jay Slack, a tribute to Ditko’s “I Use to be Human” by Floyd Hughes, and  “Turtle Soup” (another slice of Comic Shop inspired madness) by Nick Neocleous.

FANSCENE Issue 3 - Sample PageFANSCENE Issue 3 - Zip NewtonFANSCENE Issue 3 - Zip Newton

FANSCENE Issue 4, with a front cover by fandom legend Mark Ammerman, and Star Wars royalty Carlos Garzón, is already mostly complete, and will be published in late September,” David also reveals.

You can find the link to this issue of FANSCENE (and the previous two) on the front page of the Classic U.K. Comics Zines Archive. Please take the opportunity to check out all of the archived U.K. zines (online only) too, while you’re there.

All PDF issues of FANSCENE are released as Donationware. If you enjoy the zine, please consider making a small donation to the charity of your choice.

Check out the brilliant Classic UK Comics Zines Archive

FANSCENE #3 – Direct PDF Link | FANSCENE #3 – Direct link to Mobile (read online) version

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