Tube Surfing: 17 August 2008

Warren Elllis notes the completion of the first book his ace online webcomic drawn by Paul Duffield, FreakAngels, which will be released as a nice cleaned-up print edition from Avatar Press in time for Christmas, in three flavours: hardback, paperback, and as a special limited signed edition.
FreakAngels is a free, weekly, ongoing comic. Drop by the Whitechapel Forum to discuss the week’s installment.
You can also bu FreakAngels Tees and Tanks are here,

Garen Ewing has completed his “Garen’s A-Z of Comic Strip Characters” project, as suggested by members of the Facebook group of the same name. You can learn more and view the completed gallery here. “This was remarkably well suited to a site such as Facebook, ” says Garen, “where the network aspect attracted new people, the discussion board allowed for user participation, and the gallery presented the results. An actual useful use for Facebook!”
The baton has been passed on to Jonathon Dalton, who begins his A-Z earlier this month,. “It would be great if someone else took up the challenge when he’s finished,” Garen suggests.

• Titan Magazines hass just published a special Star Wars: The Clone Wars-focused issue of Star Wars Insider to celebrate the release of Star Wars: The Clone Wars in cinemas, the new CGI-animated film charting “a bold new direction for the Star Wars saga”. Includes are interviews with Clone Wars writer Henry Gilroy is interviewed and there’s a special feature on stars of The Clone Wars, plus take a trip behind the scenes of the amazing new video game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. The Star Wars Comic released earlier in the month also has an extended Clone Wars feature.

• Comics artist Jon Haward will be signing issue 1 of the new Wasted from Bad Press at Forbidden Planet London on Saturday 27th September from 1-2pm with Publisher/Editor Alan Grant, cover artist Frank Quitely and Jamie Grant Publisher and colourist /letterer of Tales of the Buddha which Jon draws. Alan Kerr, artist on Lusi Sulfura will also be on hand. (There will also be a Wasted signings at Edinburgh Forbidden Planet International – Alan Grant, Frank Quietly, Dave Alexander, Alan Kerr and Jamie Grant will all be there on Sunday 5th October from 2 to 3pm. More details here on the FPI blog.
Alan and Jamie’s Wasted should not be confused with Philippines-based artist Gerry Alanguilan’s comic book of the same name, which can be read for free online here.

• Talking of events, the FPI Blog notes that this year’s MeCon SF convention will be held in the Student’s Union of Queen’s University, Belfast from the 29th to 31st of August. The guest of honour is the brilliant Charlie Stross, one of the most innovative, clever and often pretty damned funny writers in science fiction at the moment. Among the other guests in Belfast will be some from the comics world, inlcuding John McCrea and PJ Holden. For more details check the official MeCon site.

• Several reports on last week’s Caption event are now on line: as previously mentioned, Selina Lock’s multimedia report can be found here on YouTube, while D’Israeli has two reports, one on his blog and photographs on flickr. Sarah McIntyre presents her take on what sounds like one of the best Captions ever here, and Jenni Scott has a short report on her LiveJournal. There are also pictures from Damian Cugley and Teacake, again also via their Flickr photostreams.

• Over on Facebook (membership required), Thomas Cochrane has just posted a set of production roughs and character studies by Alan Tanner for his The Fat Man charity comics project. The first run of the book will be a limited release (a thousand copie). If you haven’t already pre-ordered a copy you might want to do so soon as they are being snapped up pretty quickly. Orders are through Paypal – and as an extra bonus to Facebook members if you add a note to say you are part of this group your copy will be signed and you will get an exclusive set of four cool postcards. Pre-order at

• Among others, comics artist and publisher Tim Perkins notes the passing of Argentinean comic book artist Carlos Meglia. He was only 50 years old. According to initial reports on the Internet, he was admitted to hospital after suffering from problems related to his heart. Meglia, who made his first artistic foray in 1974 as the assistant for the illustrator Oswal but is probably better known to American audiences for his more recent work on projects such as Adventures of Superman, Superman – Infinite City, Tarzan & Superman, Spyboy, Monster World and a brief stint on Marvel comics’ Elektra. Read Tim’s full post here

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