Tube Surfing: 27 June 2008

Archaeologist and TV presenter Neil Oliver’s latest book, Amazing Tales For Making Men Out Of Boys, tells historical tales for courage and sacrifice from Sparta, through the Second World War to Apollo 13. The book contains reprinted illustrations from Look and Learn magazine from such artists as James McConnell and Wilf Hardy.

Fresh from Dundee’s Literary Festival, Bryan Talbot and Paul Gravett will continue to spread the good word about graphic novels by taking part in the Ip-Art Festival. They will be Getting Graphic With Novels in the Ipswich Town Hall Galleries on 1 July 2008 at 6:30pm and Hannah Berry, writer/artist of Britten and Brulightly will be joining them. More details are on the Ip-Art website.

Comics Britannia, BBC4’s 2007 three part documentary on British comics will receive its first UK terrestrial broadcast beginning on Saturday 19 July 2008 on BBC2.

(With thanks to Bryan Talbot and Paul Gravett)

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