21st Century Dare Merchandising

With the new Virgin version of Dan Dare drawing to a close with issue 7 of the limited series, Virgin have jumped onto the merchandise bandwagon with an item about as far removed from the metal toys and bagatelles of 1950’s Dare merchandising that it is possible to get.

They have released an iPod Classic skin featuring Bryan Talbot’s cover artwork for issue 1 of the limited series. For our readers who still prefer sliding a C-90 into their Walkman, an iPod skin is an illustrated cover for the portable digital music player. This particular one retails at $15 from the Virgin Comics Store, although they are currently free if you order one of the Dan Dare hardback books that reprints the first three issues of the series.

If you like the illustration but would prefer it in a more traditional format then a limited edition lithograph of the same cover is also available. The lithograph is 24 x 18 inches and retails at $49.99.

Visit the Virgin Comics Store for more details of their Dan Dare collectibles.

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