Tube Surfing: A Thought Bubble Comic Con Special

It’s been a week since the Thought Bubble comic con’ in Leeds and it seems that the fuss is only just beginning to die down, with many exhibitors and punters naming it as their con of the year!

“There was a great atmosphere to the day, loads of great exhibitors, a varied, chatty and interested crowd and events and talks aplenty,” says Manchester-based cartoonist Adam Cadwell. “I had a brilliant day.”

Meanwhile, for those who didn’t make the con (or even those who did and want a different perspective on the event) a whole host of reports have sprung up online. Comics reviewer Richard Bruton, writing at his own blog Fictions and at the Forbidden Planet International Blog, calls Thought Bubble “…a triumph of a con.” He also noted how much his daughter Molly enjoyed the day (she managed to pick up some great sketches from several ace cartoonists including Dave Windett, Oliver East and Simone Lia; said sketches are posted at Fictions here).

Writer Kieron Gillen also had a great time. He was a little worried that after he’d bigged up last year’s event to all his comics mates, this year might prove to be a bit of a let-down. But, at least as far as he was concerned, it wasn’t.

“It was just really fun,” writes Kieron over at his blog. “The one day model struck me as perfect for England. You’d think the 2 day would be better, but with a country our size, it’s about all it can support. Also, it works towards creating a critical mass of people.”

And what about downthetubes. What did our roving reporter, Matt Badham, make of the event?

“I hate cons,” says Matt, “so imagine my surprise when I had a ball. It just had the best atmosphere, with cosplayers and small pressers and industry pro’s all seemingly intent on pursuing one goal: having fun. Throw in some small press wrestling hi-jinks and an impromptu disco that took place at the after party (with the ‘cooler people’ preferring to drink and gamble downstairs in the main casino area) and the con completely defied my expectations by just being a blast. And the fact that the party took place in a porntastic, Ocean’s 11-style casino that had to be seen to be believed was inspired!

“Even the official hotel screwing up my booking and then giving us a room with dirty sheets couldn’t spoil the weekend,” he added.

• Further Thought Bubble con reports and photos can be found at the following links from Ben Powis, Gronk Comics (who actually didn’t have a good day), Cy Dethan, Darth Mongoose, D’Israeli, Francesca Cassaveti, Flying Monkey Comics, John Scrivens, Insominia Comics, Marc Ellerby, Leigh Gallagher, Oliver East and Rob Jackson.

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