British Zombies Boom!

A few months ago, up and coming British comics artist Paul Harrison-Davies promised a sneak peak of a comic he was working on before finding out sneak peaks were not allowed.

“Well, I’m told the comic’s out so I guess I can talk about it,” he announces on his blog. “The story is called ‘Etc’ and it’s in Boom Studio’s Zombie Tales #7. I’ve not had a copy yet, but you might be able to find it in your local comic shop.

“The script was written by Shane Oakley and I was happy to find Shane’s scripts have the same dark over the top humour as his awesome artwork.

I’m not going to give anything away more than this first page shows, if you like it, track down a copy of Zombie tales to find out how it ends.”

Shane, who has had his comp copies, also provided an alternate cover for the issue, which he’s featured on his blog and also reveals of his script: “I scribbled it down in response to my increasing disenchantment with the ever-uninspiring glut of zombie movies/comics. The genre ran outta ideas a long time back, and really, the majority haven’t moved past Romero’s Dawn of the Dead. Same story, same idea, same stock characters. Stories that seem to take an age just to lead you nowhere, and stories that deliver nothing but a dreary sense of deja vu

“i wanted to have some fun with the undead, play around, try to add a little invention to the genre, and do it quick (only six pages)!”

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