Tube Surfing: Comic Heroes, Jon Haward, Dragons and Night Salad

jon_haward_furyvsspiderman.jpgWe’ve run Mr Matthew Badham ragged with our demands on his multi-layered brain, so he’s taking a little break. You will, instead, have to put up with my meanderings around various British comic creators equally meandering (at times, anyway) web site… Special thanks to Matt for doing such a great job – check out his ace article on independent press comics in the UK in the latest Comics Now mag from Future Publishing!

(Which also features a great column on the loneliness of the long-distance comics freelancer by Dez Skinn)

Jon Haward is one of Britain’s best comics artists, with credits aplenty for his work for almost every British comics publisher. Sadly, he’s the latest victim of the economic downturn and he’s giving up on his freelancing and is looking to relocate to find a full time job. Anyone after an in house concept illustrator /storyboard artist or art director should contact him via his Facebook page before he gets snapped up.

The Forbidden Planet International blog reports that American cartoonist and respected commentator on the scene Daryl Cagle recently posted a comment about US editorial cartooning and ‘the rest of the world’ which has stirred some debate, not least on the blog of the UK professional cartoonist’s association, the Bloghorn, who have taken exception to Cagle painting the rest of the cartooning world outside the syndicated US mainstream with the same brush, his post appearing to infer that ‘world cartoonists’ spend all their time doing relatively obscure works with the aim of getting them into international competitions, while US cartoonists are busy earning a wage and creating cartoons that use both words and pictures to make a point and create humour.

Emma Vieceli‘s fab manga adventure Dragon Heir: Reborn is now available to buy online from the Sweatdrop store. For direct copies, you can either contact Emma via her blog, or get along to shows like the MCM Expo, London, where she’ll be selling the book at the Sweatdrop stand. “If you pick up a copy, whether online or in person, you have my heartfelt thanks and sincere hopes that you enjoy your purchase,” she says.

Warren Ellis Influence Map

Warren Ellis joined in with the ‘Influence Map’ meme that has been doing the rounds among creators for a few weeks now. While he didn’t create this one himself, he says it’s “very close”…

• A quick plug now for the latest issue of the newly Hugo Award-winning StarShipSofa Stories (volume 2) which features an illustration by Leigh Gallagher. “Quite a while back Dee Cunniffe got in touch to see if I’d like to do an illustration to go with one of the many prose pieces, of which I picked a story called ‘Bitterseed’ written by Ted Kosmatka,” he reports via his blog. “They have an impressive line up of talent of this book — Neil Gaiman for one — but what’s also cool is this nifty trailer which you can find on Youtube here!

Metaphrog reports their new graphic album Louis – Night Salad was featured in The Scotsman on Saturday.

• Writer Dan Abnett clearly had a great time at Games Day along with Jim Swallow and many other ace creators and has written up a photoblog entry here.

• And finally… Sarah McIntyre’s Vern & Lettuce has just been voted a young girl’s favourite comic of the moment over on the Forbidden Planet International blog, which is good enough for us. It’s out soon and we’ve interviewed Sarah here and will be posting our own review later this week…

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