Tube Surfing: Eternal Warrior, Enid Blyton and Kit Williams

• It’s about time we re-plugged the Eternal Warrior, Paul Grist’s pastiche on British comics hero Adam Eterno, who first appeared in Thunder back in the early 1970s. Over on the Bleeding Cool forum, some Americans have started screaming that he’s grabbed the name from an old US Valiant Comics title: whatever the case, you can enjoy the Eternal Warrior for yourself at Paul Grist’s Big Cosmic Comic

Eternal Warrior by Paul Grist

• There’s a short interview with 2000AD co-creator Pat Mills about his zombie-filled 2000AD project, Defoe, drawn by Leigh Gallagher, over on 2000AD Review. Over on his blog, Leigh says he’s heard back from a couple of retailers that the collection of Defoe 1666 is selling well, with one on their third re-order.

• The Zocalo reports that while fans and critics debate whether the SciFi Channel’s name change helped Syfy’s new series Warehouse 13 achieve record ratings, SciFiWire uncovered a video that includes Harlan Ellison, J. Michael Straczynski and others discussing the difference between “sci-fi” and “science fiction” on Sci-Fi Vortex 12 years ago. Click here to watch the exchange on YouTube. (The UK SciFi Channel has yet to be re-branded by the way – when we last asked them about a possible name change they didn’t have an answer).

• The BBC has announced a lot of new programming for its autumn season, including a BBC4 drama documentary to watch out for starring Helena Bonham Carter as Enid Blyton, asking what drove this iconic woman at the peak of her artistic power. The drama looks behind Blyton’s public persona and explores the relationship between her art and private life.

Kit Williams - Masquerade

• Also in BBC4’s line-up is a documentary reuniting artist Kit Williams with the Golden Hare, the treasure featured in Masquerade, an exquisitely illustrated children’s story which contained clues to where the author had buried the priceless bejewelled charm.

30 years ago, his idea took the public by storm and catapulted him to fame but it also destroyed his artistic credibility, dashing his promising career as a painter, and forcing him to live as a virtual recluse.

He has not set eyes on the hare since, but BBC4 reunited him with the charm at their press launch for their new season this week. Read the full story over on SciFiPulse

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  1. ADAM ETERNO you reckon? Every time I’ve picked up something by Grist with the character, I thought it was a straight Mike Moorcock riff.

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