Tube Surfing: Midnight Openings, Shocking Twists and Some Ace New Comics

(Above: Sarah McIntyre doodling for charity.)

Time for another tube surf…

Richard Bruton of the Forbidden Planet International blog has posted a preview of Will Kirkby’s magnificent looking Tuk Tuk comic. See it here.
Also at that blog, there’s the third and final in a series of reports on the Birmingham Comicon, this time written by Michael Gee of Nostalgia and Comics.
Meanwhile, ace small press news-log Bugpowder makes us aware that Rob Jackson’s Flying Leaf Creature is out.
According to the site, “Rob Jackson’s trademark blend of absurdist, child-like whimsy, sweet-humoured tone and disarmingly naive cartooning (shades of Mr.Benn here) is present in this full-colour tabloid-format comic.”

Cartoonist, illustrator and writer Sarah McIntyre provides a report and photos from the Klimb Children’s Book Illustration Auction, which saw her and other artists doodling for charity.
Writer Tony Lee reports on the Orbital Comics Midnight Extravaganza, a midnight opening at that well-known London-based comics shop to celebrate the launch of DC’s new line-wide reboot of its characters and titles.
Novelist, comics scriptwriter, beat activist, artist, agitator, DJ, sushi expert and sonic assassin Al Ewing writes about some of those rebooted DC comics over at the Travelling Man blog.
Ace artist D’Israeli reveals why he’ll never be rich at his blog.
And finally, I’m really digging this new blog devoted to science fiction comic 2000 AD’s Future Shocks.

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