Tube Surfing: Cartoonists, Writers, Conventions (well, one) and the end of 2000 AD Review

• Joe Gordon of the Forbidden Planet International blog makes us aware that cartoonist and illustrator David Baillie has just uploaded a large PDF portfolio online. You should have a look!

David, who has been published in 2000AD and the Judge Dredd Megazine, is one of my fave cartoonists and there are some cracking strips in the portfolio.

• Another of my fave illustrators is John Welding, whose diary comics are always a treat. However, even though he doesn’t make that many comics any more, his blog is still worth following. Check out these sketches of Cumbria, in particular. Beautiful stuff.

• Caption, the small press convention held in Oxford, seems to have been a success (see Dan Fish’s report on this blog and Bugpowder earlier in the week). Here are some more write-ups of the event for you to enjoy, from Jenni Scott and Sean Azzopardi. Plus, there’s a growing set of photos from the event on Flickr.

• The San Diego Comic Books Examiner has an interview with Paul Cornell about Soldier Zero, the new comic he’s doing with Stan Lee and Boom Studios.

• And finally, I’m saddened by the news that 2000AD Review has closed for business. It was a great site, with informative articles, interviews and, of course, reviews (which sometimes slagged off my work for the Judge Dredd Megazine, but, you know, that was their job). The reviews on 2000AD Review have, I hope, helped me to become a better writer. Go read the last 2000AD Review feature (‘Best of 2000AD – the creators speak’) here.

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