UK News Stand Comics Snap Shot – 1st November 2019

UK News Stand Comics Snap Shot - 1st November 2019New British news stand comics / magazine on sale this week include 2000AD Prog 2155, Avengers Universe #6 Beano 4009, Commando Issues 5275 – 5278, The Phoenix 409, the latest “This Is” special from DC Thomson, This is Llama Queen – and Wolverine and Deadpool #6.

All these titles are available from newsagents, including WHSmith, and some are available in supermarkets.

This feature aims to focus on titles with known comics content (with the occasional foray beyond), our research only thwarted by plastic bagging that turns what might be a great publication into a mere product, and impacts the environment, so we wish publishers would stop the practice.

2000AD Prog 21552000AD Prog 2155 includes “Judge Dredd: Guatemala” (Part 6)”; “Defoe: The Divisor” (Part 6); “Brink: Hate Box” (Part 6); “Hope: Under Fire” (Part 6); and “The Fall of Deadworld: Doomed” (Part 6).

Scream and Misty presents The Thirteenth Floor: Home Sweet Home

Plus, don’t forget Judge Dredd Megazine Issue 413 is still on sale, as is the terrific, Scream presents The Thirteenth Floor: Home Sweet Home. Don’t be put off by the long-winded title, this is a smashing horror-filled treat of a special from Rebellion!

If you can’t find 2000AD, the Megazine or Rebellion Specials in your local newsagent, then head over to the 2000AD Web Shop, which is jam packed with current and back issues, as well as pre-purchase offers, including a great deal on all twelve 2020 Specials for just under £60.

If you want more information on the new Action, Battle and other one-shots then check out our news story here!

Avengers Universe #6

Avengers Universe #6 features 76 pages of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes as the “No Road Home” saga continues! The Avengers challenge the power of Nyx and her deadly children! Don’t miss a legendary battle, and the most unexpected guest star of all time! By Mark Waid, Al Ewing, Jim Zub & Sean Izaakse!

Featuring material first printed in the US titles Avengers: No Road Home #2-5. For more information or to order online visit

Beano 4009

Beanotown has a new superhero in Beano 4009! He’s a mysterious masked figure, helping whoever needs it the most (Calamity James!) in whatever way he can! We can’t think who it might be… Plus, this issue includes all your usual favourites – Bananaman (in space!), the Bash Street Kids, Minnie the Minx, Roger the Dodger and more.

If you can’t find the Beano in your local newsagents then head over to find out how to subscribe, games, fun and more! (And don’t forget the 2020 Beano and Dandy annuals are in sale too – have you see our 2020 British Annuals Checklist?)

Commando Issues 5275 - 5278

Brand new issues of DC Thomson’s war comic Commando (Issues 5275 – 5278) are on sale now in all good newsagents – and from various digital platforms. For more information, read our news story here.

ComicScene Magazine Volume #9

ComicScene Issue Nine, the magazine about comics for all ages is still on sale and includes a free 32-page comic featuring an Ian Kennedy cover and Pat Mills successor to “Charley’s War’, titled “Ragtime Soldier”.  This magazine is for you if you love comics or want to know more, offering information on classic comics, new comics, small press comics, European comics, comic creators and comic culture in TV, film, games, conventions and cosplay all feature.

If you can’t find it in your local comic ship then head over to GetMyComics, where you can buy single issues and subscribe.

Dinosaur Action Magazine Issue 139In Dinosaur Action Magazine Issue 139, aimed at primary school children aged between 5-10 years, expect action-packed excitement alongside educational information about when and how dinosaurs lived, what it was like on Earth millions of years ago and amazing facts about each dinosaur.

Still on sale - Frozen Issue 83. Issue 84 is on sale 13th November

Still on sale – Frozen Issue 83. Issue 84 is on sale 13th November

Hello Kitty Magazine 121

Just out is Hello Kitty Magazine Issue 121. Hello Kitty magazine is for those pre teen girls who are still half into fluffy animals and making their own fashion accessories, and half into wanting to know the latest gossip on the stars they watch on the TV. The title “serves up lashings of cuteness”, apparently, and is proving as massively successful a magazine in the UK as the worldwide Hello Kitty phenomenon.

Out now, the first Lego Giant Series Magazine

Out now, the first Lego Giant Series Magazine

LEGO Specials 5 - Batman

Formed by a composition of the Lego magazines various special issues, Lego Specials provides an ideal option for children looking for a more diverse Lego magazine than the typical monthly titles. The subject matter often alternates between popular specials such as Lego Elves, Lego City and, with Issue 5, on sale now, Lego Batman.

LOL Surprise Special 0- Christmas 2019

The latest Lol Surprise Special Magazine is out now with a Christmas flavour throughout. The Lol Surprise Special series is a must have subscription for fans of Lol Surprise mag and the hugely popular children’s toys. Issues so far have been themed around Christmas, Summer and Pets and always include lots of great free goodies, fun puzzles, crazy colouring and so much more with every bumper special.

My Little Pony magazine Issue 115Based on the hit TV show Friendship is Magic about the adventures of Twilight Sparkle and her five friends, My Little Pony magazine (Issue 115 on sale now) is a must have for all My Little Pony fans. Each issue comes with its own toy included and full of entertaining stories and comics for fans to remain a part of Equestria even when the episode ends! Alongside the great tales and magical adventures set in the My Little Pony world are also entertaining craft ideas to try. As well as posters, stickers and all sorts of other fun games and competitions to take part in!

The Phoenix Issue 409

In The Phoenix Issue 409: “Gorebrah”, “Bunny vs Monkey”, “Sigismond’s Neighbourhood”, “Star Cat”, “Squid Bits”, “Legacy”, and much more. If you can’t find it in store, then you can order single issues or subscribe at

This Is LLAMA QUEENVaried from month to month, DC Thomson’s This Is series publishes issues about topics that are relevant to kids now. Often accompanied with various gifts, these magazines will keep kids captivated each month with a different issue.

This Is LLAMA QUEEN from DC Thomson is being touted as “the most llamazing mag ever for girls aged 7 – 11”. It includes ideas for your “Py-llama Party” with a Pull-out Mini Mag bursting with sleepover ideas, how to be a calma llama with fun step-by-step yoga, Llama LLOLs, how to make fluffy llama slime and pages of puzzles, quizzes and games. All the llama drama you need – on sale now in newsagents, or available here direct from the DC Thomson Web Shop

Sparkle World 271

Join characters that appeal to girls aged five to nine in Sparkle World Issue 271, such as Hannah Montana, Polly Pocket, My Little Pony, Strawberry Shortcake, Hello Kitty, Rainbow Magic and of course many others in a magazine for the youngest readers. Often laced with a cover mounted gift, it offers plenty of little projects, stories and competitions to get involved with, stories and puzzles.

Wolverine and Deadpool #6Wolverine and Deadpool #6 features 76 pages of Marvel’s toughest heroes over three great stories!

• Two FBI agents search for the man called Logan – and get far more than they bargained for! By Benjamin Percy & Marcio Takara!
• X-23 and Gabby go undercover at a high school, and teach some tough lessons! By Mariko Tamaki & Georges Duarte!
• New story! Deadpool wakes up to find the end of the world has taken place – and the zombies have taken over! By Cullen Bunn & Ramon Rosanas!

Featuring material first printed in the US titles Wolverine: The Long Night #2, X-23 #6 and Night of the Living Deadpool #1. For more information or to order online visit

All these titles are available from newsagents, including WHSmith, and some are available in supermarkets.

• Can’t find the news stand title you’re looking for? Try – or seek out the publishers’ web shops!

Looking for this year’s annuals? Check out our 2020 British Annuals Checklist

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• If you’re an independent comics publisher with a title out this week, why not comment below and let us know where to get it?


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