Unpopular Tales to launch adult Red Riding Hood title at London Super Comic Con

Unpopular Tales Volume One - Red Riding Hood

The first new adult fairy tale from Spanish publisher Unpopular Tales will be launched at London Super Comic Con.

The publisher successfully raised over $2500 in a crowdfunding campaign last year to produce and release a new series of comics for adults. The stories will, says Madrid-based creator Christian Douglas, reveal the real stories behind the best known folktales – and the first title will be launched at London Super Comic Con.

Unlettered art from Unpopular Tales Volume One - Red Riding Hood

Unlettered art from Unpopular Tales Volume One – Red Riding Hood

Unpopular Tales Volume One - Sample Art Unpopular Tales Volume One - Sample Art

In the first title, a barely innocent Red Riding Hood, offers her ‘special services’ to distinguished clients in Granma’s brothel.

“This is the real story of the girl with the red hood and not the sweetened version you have heard before,” says Christian.

While updating fairy tales is a staple of the current US comics scene, for projects such as Zenescope’s Grimm Fairy Tales, these adult-oriented stories probably push the links to the source material in a whole new direction. That said, erotic comic books have always been popular in Europe and the limited first edition sold quickly in Spanish and now the team behind it are looking  to promote their work outside their home country for the first time at London Super Comic Con,  promoting this and other re-told classic stories for adults in a full colour 45-60 pages comic format.

They have already presented the project at several conventions and stores in Madrid, Murcia, Barcelona, Granada, Gijon, Valencia and the Canary Islands during 2015.

Pedro Delgado (aka Kid Kaos) will be the artist in charge of the second story from the publisher, which will be revealed in the coming months.

• Unpopular Tales will be at Booth D424 at London Super Comic Con (www.londonsupercomicconvention.com) 20th – 21st February 2016

• For more information about the books visit www.unpopulartales.com | Shop here for their books and merchandise online | Find Unpopular Tales on Facebook | Follow Unpopular Tales on Twitter @RedRsc and @Unpoptales

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