Venal Muse Goes Online

Venal Muse(Via: Richard Bruton of Fictions): Small press artist Marc Ellerby has just made Venal Muse, his mini comic from 2006, available in its entirety online.

‘I drew this in late 2006, but I think it eventually came out around February 2007,” Marc explains. “It was to tie in with an exhibition of the same name that my friend John was putting on in Brick Lane – I thought the show was great, mainly because old friends were reunited and as a force we kicked some arty arse.’

‘I really like this comic,” he adds. “It’s a bit flat in places and maybe doesn’t hit the right notes, but I still think it holds it’s own a year on. I made it into a mini comic and it’s sold out now (there might be a few copies at Dave’s Comics in Brighton…) so I present to you the first mini I ever made and sold in it’s entirety. A couple of hundred are out there in the world and I hope everyone enjoyed them. Lemme know what you think and feel free to spread this link around.


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